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Bush Gaffes

November 28, 2007

Even Shepard Smith Questions What Saudis Did, Fox Guest Says We Are Basically Under Saudi Control

On Studio B with Shepard Smith he talked about Ahmadinead, the president of Iran, who said the mideast peace talks are failing and Israel is doomed to collapse. He always said he was disappointed that some of the Arab states were participating. Smith spoke with Brigitte Gabriel, from the Americn Congress for Truth, and author of 'Because They Hate."

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Reported by Donna at 6:00 PM

October 23, 2007

Fox & Friends Makes A Big Deal Of Barack Obama Not Putting His Hand Over Heart During National Anthem - But Bush Made His Own Mistake

Fox and Friends made a big deal of a picture of Barack Obama who didn't have his hand over his heart duing the playing of the national anthem. Of course the picture came from that ultra right wing source, Newsbusters, who complained that no major media had not picked it up.

But of course Fox picked it up. Do they go to Newsbusters for all their stories?

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Reported by Donna at 12:11 PM

October 9, 2007

Al Qaeda surveillance network exposed by US government, gets 30 seconds on FOX and Friends

In one of the "Headlines" breaks on FOX and Friends this morning 10/09/07, where the newsreader (in this case Alisyn Camerota) breaks up the fluff and Democrat-bashing, viewers were quickly told that the latest Osama bin Laden tape released by the government tipped off Al Qaeda that certain channels were being monitored, causing them to adapt.

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Reported by Chrish at 1:15 PM

February 22, 2007

Fox Glosses Over White House Statements on Walter Reed

Special Report finally decided to file a report on The Washington Post story that revealed dilapidated conditions in which some of our wounded troops are living in while recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. During the segment, however; Fox Correspondent Molly Hennenberg made it appear as though the Bush Administration was deeply concerned about the problem, ignoring the conflicting statements made by Press Secretary Tony Snow.

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Reported by Janie at 10:27 AM

January 31, 2007

George Bush Gives the Finger to the Tens of Thousands Who Have Died on His Watch

Neil Cavuto interviewed George Bush today (January 31, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Toward the end, Cavuto asked:

Do you ever think about, I can't wait to, I don't know, January 20, 2009?
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Reported by Melanie at 5:15 PM
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