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Ken Lay (Enron)

July 15, 2006

What Liberal Media?

Apologizes to Eric Alterman for the title of this post, but the recent death of Enron criminal Ken Lay brought forth not only an out-pouring of sympathy from his friends, but this reminder that the mainstream media is not the bastion of liberalism that Fox News lovers like to claim.

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Reported by Judy at 8:40 AM

July 6, 2006

Ken Lay's "timely death"

Julie Banderas, subbing for John Gibson on the Big Story tonight 7/6/06, had FOX senior business correspondent Terry Keenan on to discuss the financial implications of Ken Lay's "sudden death." It appears that not only will the government not be able to collect the roughly $43,000,000 in costs assessed, but employees and investors who were going to file civil suits will not be able to do so. As Keenan called it, a very "timely death" indeed.

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Reported by Chrish at 8:40 PM

July 5, 2006

Breaking News: Ken Lay Dead of Massive Coronary

MSNBC is reporting that Kenneth Lay, of Enron infamy, died of a massive coronary on the 4th of July while vacationing in Colorado. He was 64.

Reported by Janie at 12:12 PM

May 25, 2006

Neil Cavuto Can't Grasp That Ken Lay & Jeff Skilling Actually Broke the Law

In keeping with his belief that corporations and the dedicated, patriotic CEOs who head them can do no wrong, Neil Cavuto just couldn't "get it" today (May 25, 2006) that Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were convicted because they broke the law. Cavuto's entire show was devoted to the two verdicts but Cavuto repeatedly asked questions designed to deflect attention away from what Lay and Skilling did, as if the convictions weren't about that, but about a mistake, or mistakes, made during the trial. He asked what their lawyers "did wrong." He wondered, "What happened?" He was puzzled because he said there was, "no smoking gun." He asked one guest: "Did it help or hurt" that both Defendants "took the stand?" At the end of the show he asked a juror, "What was behind the verdict?" The juror replied, indignantly, "The overwhelming evidence!"

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Breaking News - Ken Lay & Jeff Skilling Found Guilty

The announcement has just come down that both Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling have been found guilty of conspiracy and fraud charges by a jury of 4 men and 8 women. Both men will most likely spend the rest of their lives in jail - or until good buddy President George Bush pardons them at 5 minutes to midnight on his last day in office!

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