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What Liberal Media?

Reported by Judy - July 15, 2006 -

Apologizes to Eric Alterman for the title of this post, but the recent death of Enron criminal Ken Lay brought forth not only an out-pouring of sympathy from his friends, but this reminder that the mainstream media is not the bastion of liberalism that Fox News lovers like to claim.

This obituary of Lay appeared in the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader.

In it, we learn that Ken Lay spent his life "doing God's work" (being a money-changer in the temple?), that "to know Ken was to love him" (is that why George Bush called him "Kenny-boy"?), and helping former Enron employees pay their mortgages (after he destroyed the company that paid their salaries and stole their pension fund).

This liberal rag also claims that "Ken's love for Linda was unsurpassed" (which must be why he spent $200,000 renting a yacht for her birthday party) and that he also loved Enron employees. "Ken loved Enron, and saw the company as one of limitless possibilities" (for enriching himself as the expense of others?) "He often talked of the incredible talent [for stealing?] at Enron and believed that the Enron employees were unsurpassed in any industry. Ken believed the real value of Enron was in its people" (especially after he drained all the money out of it and there was nothing left of any value.).

And this treasonous, terrorist-loving left-wing nest of vipers also claims that Lay always "trusted God that He had a plan, even if it was never perfectly clear" (which turned out to be dying before he had to do any jail time.)

Yes, it's obvious the left-wing mainstream media is completely out of control, constantly attacking corporate America and never recognizing all the good corporate CEOs do for us.

Who, oh, who can save us from the liberal media?