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FOX Attacks

February 7, 2010

Saturday Night Live Skewers Fox News' Fairness And Balance Re Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Saturday Night Live's opening skit last night was a satire of Fox News coverage of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. "Greta Van Susteren" moderated a "fair and balanced" panel of "Karl Rove," "Oliver North," White House spokesman "Robert Gibbs," and Fox News Correspondent "Attractive Blonde Lady." "Glenn Beck" and his chalkboard got a turn, too. Very funny! Video, via Mediaite, after the jump.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:32 PM

June 12, 2008

Barack Obama Fights Back With New Website

Dick Durbin, on FOX Election HQ, announced the new website Stop the Smears created by the Obama Campaign to fight the rumors and misinformation floating around and invariably landing on FOX News again and again ( video below)

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Reported by Deborah at 6:53 PM

March 21, 2008

Jim Gilliam Receives Maria Leavey Tribute Award at Take Back America Conference

Our beloved friend, mentor and Blogfather Jim Gilliam accepted the Maria Leavey Tribute Award at the Take Back America Conference ,Wednesday, 3/19/08. We are so proud of Jim and deeply honored to work with him. Here is a video from the awards ceremony honoring Jim Gilliam.

Reported by Deborah at 8:46 PM

January 8, 2008

Brave New Films' New FOXAttacks video

Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films has released FOXAttacks: Obama Staffer and includes a petition urging Barack Obama and John Edwards to continue to refuse to appear on the channel. View it and sign it here.

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Reported by Chrish at 2:13 AM

December 16, 2007

Chris Wallace continues to misrepresent Democrats' reasons for repudiation

In a perhaps unintentional irony, this morning 12/16/07 FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace offered further evidence of why Democratic candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama are correct to refuse invitations to appear on the program. Wallace misrepresented the candidates' reasoning by reading viewer emails that perpetuate the myth that they are afraid of tough questioning from the Republican propaganda network.

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Reported by Chrish at 4:15 PM
Tell the CBC "Don't FOX yourself", reported by Chrish,