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America's Pulse

July 31, 2009

Fox News Racial Attacks On Obama - It's Not Just Glenn Beck

There's been lots of attention paid - and rightly so - to the awful comments of Glenn Beck calling Barack Obama a racist. But while this is the most extreme, overt example from a Fox News host, the "fair and balanced" network has a long-established pattern of making racial attacks on Barack Obama, a pattern that began as far back as the 2008 presidential campaign.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:58 PM

January 7, 2008

Hillary Tears Up - Fox Forgets To Mention That Romney Did, Too - Twice

Watching America's Pulse and Studio B today they made a fuss over Senator Clinton slightly welling up in tears when she was asked about her campaigning.

Thanks to Chris, my fellow News Hound, she found a couple of times that Mitt Romney broke down that wasn't mentioned on these segments.

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Reported by Donna at 6:00 PM

Fox Gives Free Commercial For Bush And He Isn't Running

Today on America's Pulse Bush came out and spoke to a group in Chicago with Mayor Richard Daly. All it turned into was a free speech for Bush that sounded like he was stumping. Was it for him or to help the RNC candidates that are running now?

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Reported by Donna at 5:50 PM

January 2, 2008

America's Pulse Takes Cavuto Tip And Goes With 'Sex Sells'

On American Pulse today the 2008 election wasn't enough, they had to go with Neil Cavuto's 'Sex Sells.' Apparently a calendar has been put out to send to our troops in Iraq and Iran.

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Reported by Donna at 4:26 PM

December 6, 2007

Fox All Over The Pres Helping The Sub Prime Mtgs, But They Don't Really Help The Poor People And E.D. Hill Shows All Of Her Legs

E.D. Hill from America's Pulse had Patricia Powell from Powell Financial Group to talk about the freeze that was going to be put on some sub prime mortgages. And E.D. Hill shows some sleaze in an inappropriate mini skirt that went up to the top of her legs when she sat down.

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Reported by Donna at 5:23 PM
Operation Holiday Thanks, reported by Donna,
Toxic Toys: Something We Can All Agree On, reported by Marie Therese,