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Fox Gives Free Commercial For Bush And He Isn't Running

Reported by Donna - January 7, 2008 -

Today on America's Pulse Bush came out and spoke to a group in Chicago with Mayor Richard Daly. All it turned into was a free speech for Bush that sounded like he was stumping. Was it for him or to help the RNC candidates that are running now?

He had no opposition, no one from the Democratic side to have around 20 minutes (the uninterupted time the President had) to speak out about policies.

Bush said, same old, same old, that we had to keep taxes low, we were in fear of the temporary tax cuts for the rich (of course he didn't say rich, I did) because they would expire in 3 years and this would cause confusion. He said this was keeping the economy going well (gag) .

He said there were other issues that were important, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, terror attacks and natural disasters. He said we had a resilient economy and we have had a resiliant economy in the past.

Bush spoke about the 52 monhs of job growth (did he actually see the job growth for last month being 18,000 after a predicted 70,000? He added that the entrepreneurs (he likes that word) were helping fuel the economy. He said he knew that unemployment was at 5 %, but just glanced over that.

He said he wanted to pass legislation to help us get oil free, namely nuclear (no, he did not say it right again and it's been 7 years) power. The whole crowd cheered and clapped and that's when I knew it was full of Bush lovers.

He kept talking about the tax cuts making new jobs. (we're still waiting for that to happen)

He spoke about the death tax (and mistakenly said Estate tax once, not a Republican talking point) and how unfair this was and needed to be made permanent also.

He also talked about the housing industry and how they had help for people who were good customers. (What about those who were really struggling to keep their homes?) He said that there were people who maybe shouldn't have bought a house in the first place.

He talked about private healthcare and of course, small business. A lot of small businesses who don't provide healthcare for their employees.

Comment: I got so sick of listening to his stumping speech I thought, didn't the man know he was a lame duck when it came to passing legislature? He didn't have free reign anymore.

I'd like to see Fox give a Democrat a 20 minute speech, no questions, with a friendly audience and let them say whatever they want.

Nope, can't do that. That might be fair and balanced.