Fox & Friends Praises GOP Rep. Who Sent Bibles To All Members Of Congress

Fox & Friends is America's Christian morning chat show, so it follows that, as the tide goes in and the tide goes out, the show would happily share the news that a Mississippi Tea Party US Rep. has sent bibles to all his fellow members of congress. This morning, the curvy couch Christians couldn't have been any happier. 

Good Christian Steve Doocy began with a little homily about the dysfunction in WashingtonDC: "Let's talk a little bit about WashingtonDC. You know WashingtonDC is, in many ways, dysfunctional and maybe what some of the men and women down there need is some inspiration. Maybe they need a good book and what book is better than the bible says congressman from Mississippi, Steve Palazzo."  The chyron framed the Fox message: "Divine intervention, lawmaker sends bibles to congress." Doocy reported that one of his constituents sent Palazzo money in order that it be used to send bibles to every member of congress. Doocy looked reverential as he said, for emphasis, "a brand new bible."

Good Christian Anna Kooiman picked up the thread. She said that Palazzo believes that "divine guidance" is needed for a congress that has been "historically indecisive." (Ya think!) The chyron: "Guidance from God, Palazzo: bibles will help with policy decisions." She read part of Palazzo's statement about how meditating on "God's word" is the best advice he can offer to his fellow members of congress.

This provided a segue for the requisite bashing of non-believers with Kooiman saying "I'm going to call the PC police." Super Christian (Catholic Knight of Malta) Peter Johnson Jr, said "they've been called." Without citing any specifics he opined that the bible give-away is "interesting and exciting." When he speculated that "there will be blow-back," Doocy, with a great, big, shit-eating grin said "there always is." Johnson predicted that somebody will send the bible back and they'll call a press conference and that will become the issue." The chyron: "Turning to religion, House whip sends 535 bibles to colleagues." Not wasting an opportunity to bash Fox News' favorite atheist scapegoat, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Doocy said "somebody from the Freedom From Religion or somebody like that is going to have a press conference and talk about how it's inappropriate." He added that "it's just a gift" which they can open or not, as they wish. The chyron: "Government and the good book, Palazzo, best advice comes from the bible." Kooiman interjected "even if you're not a person of faith, there are so many great life lessons that you can learn from the bible [For the GOP, Jesus' teachings on the poor, not so much!] maybe they'll open it up and learn a thing or two."

The Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (PC Police?!) said it best: "When it comes to religion, our nation is pluralistic and diverse. Rather than look to the Bible or any other religious book to craft our nation's public policy, we would do well to examine another source instead, one that was actually created to guide governance. It's called the Constitution."

But pluralism and diversity are not a strong suit on Fox & Friends, praise Jesus - or is it praise Roger Ailes?!

BTW, nobody mentioned that Rep. Keith Ellison, a Muslim, sent a thank you note to Palazzo.

Another BTW, is it really appropriate to send a Christian bible to the Jewish senators? 

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Make handy door-stops, I guess…
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Palazzo should send Bibles to the Fox “News” cafeteria Catholics. They don’t practice what they preach. That’s why we call them frauds.
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Fox & Friends Praises GOP Rep. Who Sent Bibles To All Members Of Congress