Fox Pundit Wants To Get Rid Of All Our ‘Terrible’ Social Safety Nets


Yesterday, as Fox’s Cashin’ in panel praised some states’ “common sense” requirement of work for food stamps (and ignored Juan Williams point about the tragedy of working people unable to support themselves without food stamps), regular panelist Jonathan Hoenig came out against all safety nets altogether.

HOENIG: Programs like this, you know, work for food stamps, work for welfare… I think they’re terrible. They inculcate these entitlement programs. They legitimize these entitlement programs, and the welfare state is fundamentally flawed, it is fundamentally broken. …If you can’t make enough money to eat, you have no right to other people’s money.”

While Hoenig spoke, host Eric Bolling gave a little smile and said, “Right.”

Panelist Michelle Fields, a Fox News conservative, disagreed. People sometimes “go through hard times,” she said. “However, it has become out of control.”

Even that was too much for Hoenig. “Then you have to provide for medical care as well, of course, and also education, for everything else that the welfare state entitles, no. …That whole notion that we have to help people, that is what justifies Medicare, Medicaid, that’s what justified welfare in the first place,” he complained.

Williams said, “Jonathan, I hope you think that children should not be allowed to starve in our streets. I hope that you think that people who get Medicare and Medicaid and that our veterans deserve some kind of entitlement safety net that Michelle’s talking about.

No, Hoenig didn’t think so. “I don’t agree about anyone besides our veterans, Juan,” Hoenig said. And while he was at it, Hoenig argued for getting rid of the minimum wage, too, because “you want to give people hope, not entitlements.”

Williams argued, “Yeah, but you want to make sure that you don’t have people starving on the streets.”

“Then you should help them, Juan,” Hoenig shot back.

Bolling smiled again and Fields chuckled.

That may be the most heartless thing I’ve ever heard.

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One of the most heartless discussions we've seen on Fox.