On Outnumbered: Kirk Cameron Pimps Purity, The Duggars, And Himself!

As America's Christian newsroom, Fox News is on a mission from God to promote Godly, Christian family values which include, for Fox faves like Kirk Camerson, a godly dose of homophobia. But that isn't a problem for Fox which does love it's Kirk, a washed up child star now turned uber right wing Christian who, as a Christian movie maker, is riding God's gravy train as far as he can take it. And to help him go even farther, Fox News is always available to help him on his journey which serves as inspiration for the Fox faithful. Yesterday, Fox & Friends provided him with a pulpit to preach about godless public schools and, as a bonus, pimp his newest movie about putting Jesus back in Christmas. Today, he was on Outnumbered where he continued to share his godliness.

Harris Faulkner began with commentary about how #oneluckyguy "is giving families something to talk about this holiday [WHOA, not "Christmas"] season sparking renewed conversation on family values." She reported that washed up child star and homophobic Christian Kirk Cameron took his 19 year old daughter to Jessa Duggar's wedding "in an effort to 'show them "moral excellence and purity that is rare today'." (Jessa's "courtship" was supervised by her parents) The chyron: "Kirk Cameron Wants His Daughters To Be More Like the Duggars." (Poor thing!) She mentioned that Cameron has posted a video, on Facebook and Twitter, "reminding moms of their important role in the home." Video of Cameron, urging us gals to spread Christmas cheer by cooking, decorating, and singing songs, was shown.

After mentioning that Cameron has six children, Faulkner asked him to talk about the Duggar wedding which his 19 year old wanted to attend because she "so looks up to this family" which, as we know, promotes a patriarchal world view that sees women as child bearing chattel who, once they're married, are not able to make any decisions relating to sex. But for Cameron, the newly married couple are just wonderful because they love each other and love God so much that they saved their first kiss for their wedding day. He said he wanted his daughters to be at the wedding so they could have "a conversation about purity...and what you want to offer to your husband."

The conversation turned to the negative reaction to his comments about a woman's place in Christmas which some women consider to be demeaning. After Susan Smith said he was misinterpreted, he explained that he doesn't believe that women should be "barefoot and pregnant" (unlike the Duggars!) but that stay-at-home moms, who work so hard, deserve the same respect as working women. The ladies agreed that stay-at-home moms don't get the respect they deserve.

Andrea Tantaros lamented that supposed "straight news" websites (like Fox News?!) said bad things about Cameron's Christmas comments, such as using the term "rabid Christian." (And that's wrong, uh, how?) She accused these websites of "going after" Cameron's religion. Cameron joked about names that he has been called (My favorite, "village idiot") and claimed that it doesn't bother him because Jesus says love thy enemy.

Kirsten Powers suggested that hostility towards Cameron is because folks don't understand him because "their cultural context is so different." Susan Smith said that while the headlines for stories about his Christmas remarks were shocking, it was apparent, in reading his actual commentary, that they were misleading. Cameron then talked about how his faith informs his career.

As the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't it special" that Kirk Camerson is such a godly man who values his daughter's "purity." Ick?

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If his faith informed his career, his faith needs to be fired.
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On Outnumbered: Kirk Cameron Pimps Purity, The Duggars, And Himself!