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It's Out There

October 16, 2007

Fox & Friends Goes Ga-Ga Over Fire In Shape Of Pope

Fox and Friends were all over a story about a fire that was built in Poland on the 2nd anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. The fire appeared as a vague shape of a person, who they are saying is Pope John Paul II.

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Reported by Donna at 8:10 AM

February 26, 2007

"It's Out There" Lives Up to Its Name

Last night (2/25) Fox News aired It's Out There, a new show dedicated to the news of the blogosphere, hosted by Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers. The show covered stories originally reported in the blogosphere and how various sites covered certain national stories. While the idea of the show is both creative and innovative, the execution of It's Out There can only be summed up as feeble and biased.

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Reported by Janie at 9:49 AM