Robert Greenwald: Tell Koch Brothers To Testify About XL Pipeline

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald and our friends at Brave New Foundation’s Koch Brothers Exposed are calling on the Koch Brothers to testify about their interest in the XL Pipeline. Greenwald writes, “Why will Charles and David Koch produce a video about their position on the Keystone XL oil pipeline and not testify before Congress about it? The Koch brothers have refused to answer questions about how they stand to profit from the Keystone XL pipeline, a 1,700-mile long boondoggle that would cut through six states and damage American homes and farmland.”

Greenwald continues,

“The Koch brothers have an attack-dog website of their own,, which they have used defensively and reflexively to attack me and others who’ve questioned or investigated the Koch brothers’ vast $100 billion business. The Koch brothers refuse to testify in Congress about their interest in the pipeline, but they’ll make a web video asserting their innocence.”

Check out Greenwald’s video below and the Koch Brothers Exposed Facebook page for more information.

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