Mark Levin Melts Down: ‘I Could Care Less’ If Americans Think Trump Has Abused Power

After Donald Trump’s temper tantrum yesterday, coupled with two federal court decisions basically laughing out of court his attempts to block subpoenas of his financial records, “Constitutionalist” Mark Levin got more than six minutes of friendly Fox News airtime to whine that poor Trump is “the most abused president in American history.”

Yesterday, the Toddler-in-Chief refused to do his job and work on improving America’s infrastructure because Nancy Pelosi said something he didn’t like. On top of that, the second of two federal judges smacked down his attempt to withhold his financial records from public scrutiny. Also, New York State legislators passed a bill allowing Congress to obtain Trump’s state tax returns.

But Levin, who holds himself up as some kind of Constitution lover, was willing to throw it overboard in the name of covering up for Trump. Never mind all the disturbing signs of Trump criminality and being beholden to foreign interests. Nor how Trump’s Washington hotel rakes in dough from those seeking to curry favor with him, nor how Trump used his power to prevent the FBI from getting new headquarters away from that hotel and free up real estate for competition.

No, in Levin’s eyes, Trump is just one big victim. What Levin didn't say is that he's clearly worried about Trump's future.

In his rants, Levin blamed the “tyranny of activist Obama judges” for Trump’s legal setbacks and “Obama appointees who are now in the media and vice versa.” Funny, he didn’t say anything about how Fox News all but runs the White House and vice versa.

In fact, “patriot” Levin dismissed all the disturbing evidence of collusion and obstruction of justice in the Mueller report in a twofer that both served to “acquit” Trump and demonize everyone not unquestioningly loyal to Dear Leader.

LEVIN: Of course the media got it wrong. The media was part of the Russia collusion outfit. Who do you think the senior level of the FBI was leaking to? They were leaking to The New York Times, they were leaking to CNN. The media is progressive. You can’t tell the difference between the media on issues and the Democrat Party, the media is a social activist, largely, operation. They push climate change, they push open borders, they push the impeachment of the president of the United States, they do it in a thousand different ways, as I explain in the book.

But then Levin revealed he doesn’t care about signs of Trump’s abuse of power because Trump is such a victim!

LEVIN: Let me tell you something about this president. This president is the most abused president in American history. I could care less if they think he’s abused power.

You know who’s abusing power? The courts that you just mentioned. You know who’s abusing power? These chairmen who issue these outrageous subpoenas against his family, for his bank accounts and all the rest. Then they pretend we’re in a Constitutional crisis when the president dares to say no and take them to court, to get in front of one of these Obama judges and then you see what they do.

Notice that Levin never said Trump has not abused his power?

Instead of challenging such anti-Americansim, pointing out that the Mueller report was hardly exculpatory, why Democrats feel it necessary to investigate Trump and his family’s finances, Bream opened the door for more demonizing. “Well, they’re celebrating today,” she said about the Democrats. She also gingerly pointed out that the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives has oversight power of the executive branch. But she also quickly retreated from looking like she might be sympathetic to the Constitution by adding, “They say that’s why they’re winning these legal fights.” As if she had no insight of her own, despite her law degree and devout Christian faith.

But even that was too much for Levin to bear. He interrupted, “Now, hold on Shannon.” He then announced he’d “tell the media out there” that Congress only has oversight authority “to a point.”

“Just because they issue subpoenas doesn’t mean they get to take down a president and his family. This is gonna be challenged, it’s gonna be fought and if Nancy Pelosi wants to try and impeach the president of the United States, half of this country’s going to be furious,” Levin continued.

Then he started yelling:

LEVIN: All those phony Democrats who were elected in these Republican, marginal districts, I hope they enjoy their one term. There is gonna be pushback. People are gonna make sure there’s pushback. I’m gonna make sure there’s pushback. We’re not gonna stand for the disenfranchisement of 63 million Americans while the party that is anti-Constitution pretends they’re protecting the Constitution. While the activist Obama judges pretend that they’re upholding the Constitution when they’re turning it inside out. We’re not stupid. We see what’s happening in this country and what’s happening to our president.

Bream closed with a friendly “You have had your Red Bull tonight. But I know that’s how you usually are."

Watch Levin prove he’s he's so worried about Dear Leader, he's willing to shred the Constitution below, from the May 22, 2019 Fox News @ Night.

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commented 2019-05-26 23:23:12 -0400 · Flag
Beck was in freefall long before the Pence White House began its campaign for office. Let’s be honest – the man got himself bounced off Fox News for being too much of a wingnut. That’s a story in and of itself.

As for Levin, his sordid history speaks for itself. He’s one of those guys who thinks if he shouts louder, he’ll sound more convincing. The problem is that he simply doesn’t have any case to make. I tend to ignore him, as a general principle about dealing with trolls.
commented 2019-05-24 13:52:42 -0400 · Flag
It’s all about the $$$$$

The Groucho Marx impersonator, like all conservative talking faces has to be a Trumpette, or face ridicule and abandonment from their conservative audiences.

The Beck Man lost his fortune when he went after Trumpy, which cost him in the end when audiences abandoned him in droves. Also, factor in the Beck Man’s love of spending his fortune on luxuries. Now, the Beck Man ‘loves’ Trumpy. But, the damage is already done. The Trumpettes have left the Beck Man for good.

Privately, some conservative mouthpieces can’t stand the crazy man in the White House. To keep their fortunes and their shows, they pretend to like that crazed man, fooling their audiences.

The Trumpettes will abandoned any conservative host who talks against their Dear Leader. And that is a fact.
commented 2019-05-24 07:53:32 -0400 · Flag
May I interject please …
Mr Levin has a face made for radio and a voice fit for print. He is a hate-monger’s hate monger. The intellectual content of his comments is simple, simplistic, silly and shallow.
As a human being he is a failure; a liar. Has he ever been relevant?
commented 2019-05-23 23:38:34 -0400 · Flag
This self-important little turd bloviated all through the Whitewater nonsense, and he’s only gotten worse.
commented 2019-05-23 19:55:47 -0400 · Flag
Whiny pipsqueak says what? His voice alone makes me want to vomit.