David Bossie Reportedly Banned From Fox To Please Donald Trump

David Bossie, former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump turned Fox News contributor, has disappeared from the Fox News airwaves after infuriating Donald Trump.

Last month, The Daily Beast reported that Trump was enraged by a report from Axios revealing that Bossie “had been engaged in apparent financial self-dealing under the guise of re-electing the president.” Coincidentally, Bossie, who had been a frequent guest on Fox, suddenly disappeared from the network around the same time.

This week, The Daily Beast followed up with a report on Bossie’s absence. “[T]hree sources familiar with the circumstances say they’ve been informed it was in part an effort by the network’s opinion programming not to infuriate the president,” TDB said. One source “stressed that they had no knowledge of the White House or campaign formally requesting Bossie be given a time out but they were told that Trump’s allies at the network simply felt it safest to take a break from Bossie until after Trump cooled off.”

The Daily Beast found that FoxNews.com still named Bossie as a contributor but that may no longer be the case. The link in the article goes to a live page listing Bossie as a contributor but a search last night of Fox’s “On Air Personalities” directory returned nothing under his name.

Bossie’s removal may have occurred after The Daily Beast article was published on June 3 and updated on June 4. However, Bossie still calls himself a “Fox News contributor” in his Twitter profile.

Fox doesn't want to discuss the matter:

Reached for comment on this story, a Fox News spokeswoman simply replied, “not accurate.” She did not respond to follow-up questions seeking clarification on what she claimed was inaccurate about the reporting.

Vladimir Putin would approve.

(Bossie image via screen grab)

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