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War News

July 15, 2011

The Five At Five: Mosques on the Hudson

Caught up with The Five again yesterday and I have to admit my editor Ellen is right: It’s The View, with testosterone. I’d add: the rotating hosts are like a barnstorming Minor League Team, all hoping to one day appear in The Show—nothing fancy, of course, but something with their name in the title. I don’t know what turned my stomach the most about this segment, the fact that no one stuck up for the rights of Muslims to build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted, unconditionally; or the dinnertime discussion of bone fragments scattered from here, to here, to here.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 7:06 PM

June 13, 2011

Hannity: We Are On Weiner Watch 24/7

Sean Hannity’s statement at the end of his show Friday night (6/10/11) pretty much said it all about his obsession with Anthony Weiner and his weiner: "We are on Weiner (or is it “weiner”) watch 24/7." Forget the wars, the economy and the huge wildfire in Arizona that threatens the health and electricity of thousands of Americans. What could be more important than obsessing over the sexting of a liberal Democratic Congressman?

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Reported by Ellen at 3:33 PM

January 9, 2008

Is The White House Still Looking For War With Iran?

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they talked about the speed boats from Iran that approached our war ships. They ran a couple of segments on this including the top story.

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Reported by Donna at 5:05 PM

December 4, 2007

Just Like The Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction & The Nuclear Threat From Iraq - Only Now It's Iran?

Is Studio B with Shepard Smith driving up the hype on a possible war in Iran? Discussion was held on the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that said Iran had stopped it's nuclear weapon program four years ago.

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Reported by Donna at 5:55 PM

November 27, 2007

What Upset The Fox & Friends This Morning? Why, Saudi Arabia, Bush's Best Friends

The Fox and Friends crew were upset this morning with Bush's best friends, the Saudis, because of the 3,000 Al Qaeda prisoners they have rounded up these past four years, 1500 have been set free.

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Reported by Donna at 9:00 AM
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