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Wall Street Journal

October 19, 2011

How Fox News Uses Weak Democrats And News Corp Synergy To Play Pretend

Nothing demonstrates how frightened The Right Wing Establishment™ is of the Occupy movement than the continuing, and seemingly never-ending, Fox “News” effort to smear the world-wide protests. The Fox tele-prompter readers have used every trick in the book, to the point where the so-called news network is actually touting the Nazi Party’s endorsement of OWS. Leave it to Doug Schoen—a so-called Democratic Pollster who was awarded “Democratic Wanker of the Decade” in these pages—to take Fox’s side. Yesterday he used the pages of the Wall Street Journal (owned by News Corp, not coincidentally the parent company of Fox News), to publish an absolutely stupid column titled “Polling the Occupy Wall Street Crowd.” And, leave it to Stewart Varney to appear with the Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends to pretend that Doug Schoen is onto something when he’s really full of crap.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 1:19 PM

October 12, 2011

Another News Corp. Scandal Rocks Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal

Believe it or not, there’s a new News Corp. scandal and it has caused the resignation of one of its most senior executives in Europe: Andrew Langhoff, the European managing director of the Journal's parent company, Dow Jones and Co. Langhoff’s resignation comes in the wake of an investigation by The Guardian into a scheme to inflate The Journal’s circulation statistics in Europe. (H/T Think Progress)

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Reported by Ellen at 11:49 PM

August 16, 2011

Leaked Letter Points To News Corp. Cover Up

There's a new development in the News Corp. phone hacking and it's very damning of News Corp.'s higher management. A leaked four-year old letter from Clive Goodman, a reporter newly out of jail after being convicted of phone hacking, alleges that hacking was done by others and "widely discussed" at editorial meetings. The Guardian notes, "The letters from Goodman and from the London law firm Harbottle & Lewis are among a cache of paperwork published by the Commons culture, media and sport select committee. One committee member, the Labour MP Tom Watson, said... 'Clive Goodman's letter is the most significant piece of evidence that has been revealed so far. It completely removes News International's defence. This is one of the largest cover-ups I have seen in my lifetime.'"

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Reported by Ellen at 3:24 PM

July 17, 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Foxification Of The Wall Street Journal

In the New York Times Friday (7/15/11), Joe Nocera has an excellent column in which he outlines the Foxification of The Wall Street Journal once it was acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, especially with regard to its coverage (or mostly lack thereof) to the phone hacking scandal. Nocera notes that half the Foxification is promoting Murdoch's conservative political views while the other half is promoting his business interests.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:08 AM

July 7, 2011

International Disgust Over News Corp. Tabloid Hacking Into Murder Victim’s Voice Mail

Just when you think Rupert Murdoch’s brand of sleazy taboidism can’t go any lower, it does. In the latest development in the long-simmering scandal over News Corp.’s News of the World newspaper’s phone hacking, it has now been revealed that the Murdoch paper hacked into the voice mail of missing teen Milly Dowler – leading her family to wrongly believe she was still alive and possibly destroying valuable evidence in the criminal investigation. Previously, it had been thought that all the hacking victims were public figures: celebrities, royals, athletes, etc. But news of this latest hacking has evoked widespread revulsion, new questions about who knew what and when, loss of advertisers, a drop in the stock price of News Corp., an emergency session in Parliament and questions as to whether the planned acquisition of British Sky Broadcasting will still be permitted. But wait, there’s more. In a newer development, several other crime victims appear also to have been victimized by News Corp. hacking.

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Reported by Ellen at 2:50 AM
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