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The RNC Party Line

April 13, 2010

Morris Urges Fox News Viewers To Adopt A Democrat To Defeat In November

I don’t know why the Fox News producers don’t just come out with it and post a “We do our part for the GOP, now you do yours” chyron on the screen every Monday night when Dick Morris visits the Hannity show. On last night’s (4/12/10) visit, Sean Hannity and Fox News devoted an entire segment to, as Fox put it, Dick Morris’ 2010 Battle Plan. During the segment, Hannity and Morris hyped vulnerable Democrats. As Fox News ran their names across the bottom of the screen, Morris gave a fundraising pitch for his newest Republican advertising efforts, "Adopt a Democrat." With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 4:25 PM

April 10, 2010

Hannity Goes To Bat For Michael Steele

If you were watching Hannity last night (4/9/10), you’d never know that RNC Chairman Michael Steele had approved $2,000 in expenses at a "bondage-themed nightclub," that a recent RNC fundraising letter had mistakenly directed donors to call a phone-sex number or that other Republicans are so upset with what they see as his profligate spending and lagging fundraising that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins used his regular newsletter to members to urge them to stop giving money to the national GOP. Instead, Hannity pussyfooted around the scandal to portray Steele as a valiant victim, stalwart in the face of undeserved attacks. And when Steele gave a dubious "explanation" for his race-based "slimmer margin of error" comments, Hannity didn't raise an eyebrow or a question. Is the RNC embedded with Fox News or is Fox News embedded with the RNC? Or have they simply melded into one unit? I report, you decide. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 4:13 PM

April 9, 2010

Greta Van Susteren Shows Her Bias With The Lawsuits Over Health Care Reform

Despite what Rupert Murdoch said recently, that Greta Van Susteren is “close to the Democratic Party” but “doesn't do many political stories,” Van Susteren has spent nearly every night covering the Attorneys General of various states who are suing or who plan to sue the federal government over the just-passed health care reform legislation. Wednesday night (4/7/10), Van Susteren had on Missouri’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder who is suing without the aid of the state’s Attorney General. Predictably, Van Susteren was quiet and unchallenging of Kinder. That was quite a contrast to her argumentative stance with Democratic Governor Ed Rendell whose Attorney General is suing against Rendell's wishes. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 5:55 PM

April 4, 2010

Juan Williams Alludes to Sarah Palin As One of the "Fringe Elements" of the Tea Party Movement

When Fox & Friends' Gretchen Carlson hosted conservative Jim Pinkerton, columnist Cal Thomas, Juan Williams (who did a nice bit of pushing back), and Fox News contributor Judy Miller on Fox News Watch (4/3/10), what started out as a discussion about the recent attacks on Democrats who voted for healthcare reform -- and the appropriate blame that has been placed by many in the media and blogosphere on the tea party movement and Fox News' Sarah Palin -- somehow began with a discussion by Pinkerton about the country's disapproval of healthcare reform in general, reinforcing a right-wing theme that the attacks on Democrats were either overinflated or somehow justified because people don't like the new healthcare reform law. Of course, Carlson had to roll the obligatory clip of Ingraham -- Fox News' battling heroine -- supposedly ripping Matt Lauer a new one over tea party/Palin incited violence, which I previously posted on. But the most telling moment in this segment came when Juan Williams was discussing the tea party movement and the "fringe elements," and cited as examples people "talking about crosshairs, don't retreat, reload, that incites . . . anger . . . ." Wow, sounds eerily similar to Facebook posts and tweets by Sarah Palin. With video.

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Reported by Julie at 3:31 AM

March 30, 2010

Fox News Gives Short Shrift To RNC Scandal Involving Private Jets, Limos And Bondage-Themed Nightclub

Remember John Edwards’ $400 haircut? Nancy Pelosi’s jet travel? These stories were covered endlessly on Fox News. Yet in two hours of prime time viewing last night (3/29/10), I only saw one brief mention of The Daily Caller’s report on the RNC’s profligate spending, including $1,946.25 spent at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex. What are the chances that if this were a Democrat that it wouldn’t have been as big an effing deal as Joe Biden’s big effing deal? With video.


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Reported by Ellen at 1:36 PM
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