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The Fox Nation

September 30, 2011

As The Murdoch Turns: The Week’s Newest News Corp. News

NEW NEWS HACKING NEWS: As News Hounds has been reporting, the Murdoch Empire is still in deep doo doo as revelations in the phone hacking scandal continue to roil both sides of the ocean. Now comes word that News Corp. investors are demanding the removal/firing/dismissal/sacking/ouster/elimination/giving the boot to Chief Operating Officer James Murdoch, son of Rupert and third in line at the beleaguered media conglomeration. According to The Guardian a shareholders’ group has delivered a letter to the Board of Directors which reads, in part, “We question James Murdoch's suitability as a senior executive and potential successor to Rupert Murdoch. As a senior executive at News International it is unclear why he did not initiate in-depth inquiries at an earlier stage and why former colleagues now directly and publicly contradict his stated position that he was unaware that hacking extended beyond [Clive] Goodman [the News of the World's former royal editor].” And, it won’t get any better for the board or shareholders: Parliament plans to recall James and Rupert Murdoch for further questioning, but this time plans to place them both under oath.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 10:55 AM

September 21, 2011

Another Fox Nation Death Threat Against Obama Reported To The Secret Service

Today's threat comes from the thread called, Obama Gets Deep At U.N.. What's sickening is that the comment has four likes (so far). Screen grab after the jump. UPDATED WITH ANOTHER DEATH THREAT.

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Reported by Ellen at 9:22 PM

September 13, 2011

Fox And Friends Are No Friends To Paul Krugman

It was another hefty helping of hypocrisy on Fox & Friends Monday morning when The Three Stooges went after Paul Krugman for his NYT’s opinion piece on the anniversary of Nine Eleven. While it was a predictable show of outrage, where was the rank hypocrisy? On two points, actually. As Priscilla pointed out in “Megyn Kelly Advances Right Wing Attack On Paul Krugman” there are many topics on which Fox and Friends believes no one should have an opinion unless it gibes with their opinion. “But don't ya love how the Constitution loving right wing loves the First Amendment? Gretchen Carlson says that it shouldn't apply on December 25th. And now, the Fox News First Amendment free zone has been extended to September 11th.” However, the Stooges seemed more concerned about the fact that Krugman wouldn’t allow comments on his column. Yet Fox News Dot Com and Fox Nation are forced to close comments threads constantly because of the hate generated by the Fox “News” audience. As Ellen pointed out, the most recent example of which was on the thread called “9/11, Ten Years Later: Share Your Thoughts and Memories,” which specifically asked for comments in the headline. OOPS! I guess that comment thread got a bit too heated.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 6:59 AM

August 8, 2011

Huckabee Echoes The Dog Whistle: Mocks Obama’s “Hip-Hop Pals” At His Birthday Barbecue

Last week, Fox Nation put up a rather disturbing post mischaracterizing President Obama’s birthday barbecue as a “Hip-Hop BBQ.” Fox News came under a great deal of well-deserved scrutiny for it and defended itself by saying they got the hip-hop reference from a Politico story "which stated 'Also present: Chicago pals, law-school friends, donors--and lots of kids of friends, who stole the show by doing dance routines to the hip-hop songs, in the center of the East Room.'" Last night (8/7/11), Mike Huckabee echoed the same dog whistle by talking about how Obama should “pass one of those great ol’ big hats that one of the hip-hop pals wore” and went on to offer some mock hip-hop-type rhymes.

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Reported by Ellen at 2:03 AM

August 5, 2011

Fox Nation Blows The Racial Dog Whistle Once Again

News Hounds has documented over and over again how Fox News uses its Fox Nation web site to blow the racial dog whistle. Then, just as day follows night, the comment section fills with some of the most hateful and racist rhetoric imaginable. It has happened so many times, that it’s not even in dispute anymore. And, while it usually uses President Obama to blow the racial dog whistle, that’s not always the case. Occasionally it’s the use of Muslims or Hispanics to get the citizens of Fox Nation to demonstrate their racism in the comment section. It’s such a predictable pattern, and News Hounds has called them out for it so many times, that it would be a total surprise if that the mold was ever broken. And yet, today the mold WAS broken. First here’s the dog whistle:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 6:26 PM