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Supreme Court

June 25, 2011

Neil Cavuto’s Pro-Wal-Mart Coverage Of Supreme Court Decision On Class Action Suit

By Brian

On Monday (6/20/11), Your World with Neil Cavuto covered the Supreme Court’s decision rejecting a class action sexual discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart. The supposed “fair and balanced” coverage of the case began with an objective news report/overview followed by an interview with Ted Boutrous, lead attorney for Wal-Mart. There was no interview with anyone from the other side. Cavuto, of course, was sympathetic to Boutrous throughout.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 4:25 PM

June 19, 2011

Fox News Tweet(s) Du Jour – One Fox Nation Under God

As News Hounds has reported many times in the past, the Fox Nation web site can, at times, be even more unfair and unbalanced than the Fox News Channel, if that’s even possible. Today the Twitter feed @FoxNation pumped out three gems that are well worth examining in detail.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 10:01 PM

June 29, 2010

O'Reilly Continues His Witch Hunt Against Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As we have previously posted, Bill O'Reilly has been on a McCarthyesque witch hunt against Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It's one thing to disagree with her rulings or even her philosophy. But to accuse her of not caring about the Constitution, as O'Reilly repeatedly has, is over the top and inexcusable. Fox News repeatedly attacked President Obama for mildly and respectfully criticizing one of the Supreme Court's decisions in his State of the Union speech. Can you imagine if Keith Olbermann, say, attacked Justice Samuel Alito with the kind of accusations O'Reilly levels against Ginsburg? Megyn Kelly deserves credit for her consistent pushback, however.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:47 PM

June 28, 2010

Megyn Kelly And Bret Baier Reveal How We Know Elena Kagan Is Liberal: She’s From NY’s Upper West Side

On the day that, as Politico reports, Republicans have seized on the strategy of painting Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan as a politically-driven liberal ideologue, America Live host Megyn Kelly, who is supposedly a host of one of Fox News' "objective" programs, threw in her two cents in support of the meme. How does she know Kagan is a far leftist? Kagan is from New York’s upper west side where Kelly saw someone walking around with a "Kill Cheney First" tee shirt. Bret Baier agreed with Kelly's assessment.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:44 PM

May 12, 2010

O’Reilly Loses It Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg And Eric Holder

I don’t know what got into Bill O’Reilly’s coffee Monday (5/10/10). But in a discussion ostensibly about the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, he went on an unjustified tear against Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Eric Holder, accusing Ginsburg of not caring “one whit” about the Constitution and Holder of not giving “a fig” about justice. It left his guest, the conservative Brit Hume all but speechless. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 4:32 PM
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