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Social Programs Restructuring

November 5, 2011

Peter Johnson Claims Occupy Movement Is Unacceptable

The “Fear and Balanced Network,” aka The Fox “News” Channel, seems happiest when its personalities are able to instill fear in its audience. Among the Fear and Balanced things you should fear include, but are not limited to, Muslims; labor unions; The Phony Wars on Christmas and Halloween; Immigrants, especially the undocumented kind; creeping Socialism; creeping Sharia Law; the creeping President of the United States of ‘Merka; and Black ‘Merkins in general that are neither president, nor Herman Cain. However, judging by the sheer amount of airtime devoted to it in such a short period of time—not to mention the over-the-top demagoguery—the thing Fox “News” wants its viewers to fear the most these days is the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Seeming to be leading the Fox pitchfork crowd are Eric Bolling and Peter Johnson, Jr., both of whom go farther in their condemnation of OWS than other Fox “News” readers. Therefore, it was a glorious two-fer Friday when Eric Bolling (filling in on Fox and Friends for one of the blonde Foxy Friends) hosted the Knight of Malta, Peter Johnston, Jr.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 4:49 PM

October 27, 2011

Neil Cavuto Pretends Republicans Don’t Want To End Social Security

By Brian

On yesterday’s Your World, Democratic Congressional candidate Brad Avakian of Oregon spoke about Tea Party efforts to destroy Social Security. Neil Cavuto insisted that’s not the goal but the evidence suggests otherwise.

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October 9, 2011

Fox News “Cost Of Freedom” Guest: We Need More Hunger In America!

By Brian
Fox News’ “Cost of Freedom” show, Bulls and Bears, managed to make Marie Antoinette look like a humanitarian yesterday (10/8/11) as first the panelists talked up the benefits of ruthless capitalism and then another panelist complained, “In America, people are not hungry anymore because the government is subsidizing them… that's the problem."

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September 30, 2011

Bill O’Reilly: African Americans Have Been Brainwashed To Vote For Democrats Because Of Entitlements

Bill O’Reilly hosted Democrat and Fox News Contributor Jehmu Greene last night (9/29/11) to discuss Herman Cain’s recent comment, “Many African Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.” O’Reilly didn’t just agree, he accused Greene of having been brainwashed, too. That was after he announced that African Americans support Democrats because of welfare entitlements and suggested they’d all be better off if they just worked harder and took fewer handouts. That’s right, it’s brainwashing instead of – oh, I don’t know – attitudes like that that keep African Americans from voting Republican.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:51 AM

September 23, 2011

Brit Hume Pronounces Obama’s Jobs Plan DOA

By Brian

On Special Report on Monday (9/19/11), Brit Hume delivered this "commentary" on Obama’s jobs plan.

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