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Religion & Politics

November 15, 2011

Fox And Friends Outsource Smears To Comedian Brad Stine Again

Proving they learned absolutely nothing from the Hank Williams, Jr. fiasco—when he blurted out that President Obama was the enemy, leading to Williams being forcibly retired as ESPN’s Football Readyist—those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends dragged out comedian Brad Stine for his weekly attack on the left. [Does two Mondays in a row on Fox “News” constitute “weekly”?] After last week’s appearance Priscilla noted that Stine, “as a youth, led the ‘carny life’ and went on to doing stand-up. After his conversion to Christianity, he made his faith the focus of his acts. Because he's a Christian, he doesn't use profanity… He founded ‘God Men’ a Christian group that emphasizes ‘spiritual Christianity’ and who ‘give thanks’ to God for their testosterone.” Yet, despite his proclaimed deep faith in Christianity, Stine demonstrated none of the compassion and charity that one might expect from Jesus, even a Jesus with balls. No matter. Stine was brought on to smear unemployed ‘Merkins as lazy people and he didn’t disappoint. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 9:47 AM

November 14, 2011

Maltese Knight Peter Johnson Jr. Praises Catholic College Opposition To Birth Control Mandate

Fox News has less than six degrees of separation from the Catholic Church. Given that the Catholic Church has traditionally been on the side of the rich and powerful, it's not surprising that Rupert Murdoch was given a Papal Knighthood in return for a large donation to the LA diocese for a new cathedral. The News Corps board of directors includes the very conservative Catholic and former Spanish president Jose Maria Aznar. Murdoch's American capo, Roger Ailes, isn't a Catholic but he attends Mass with his Catholic third wife. Many of the Fox anchors are Catholic and the one clergyperson who appears regularly, on Fox News, is a right wing former member of the wealthy and scandal ridden "Legion of Christ," Fr. Jonathan Morris. And it's just not choice of personnel that suggests Catholic influence in Fox News. The content, in relation to social issues, dovetails nicely with the conservative teaching of American bishops who have put "social justice" on a back burner while throwing their huge political clout to banning abortion and gay marriage. It was no coincidence that Fox "opinion" was spun for defunding of Planned Parenthood. The US bishop syndicate is not happy about health care reform regulations that mandate that Catholic institutions provide free contraception (as well as other gynecological related services) for their employees - despite the fact that many of these women are not Catholic. Thus, it wasn't surprising to see Fox's Maltese Knight, Peter Johnson Jr, on this morning's Fox & Friends, (Ailes little morning fiefdom) unilaterally defend those whose "war on women" is escalating.

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Reported by Priscilla at 11:35 AM

October 29, 2011

It’s Muslim Vs Muslim On Fox And Friends And Muslims Lose

The Foxy Friends at Fox and Friends shouldn’t play poker. That’s because they have “tells” which are far too broad to be ignored. Here’s one: Whenever they utter the words “a fair and balanced debate,” go all in. It’s a sure bet that what’s coming will be the exact opposite. [In fact, that’s a pretty good tell for the entire network in general.] That’s exactly how Brain Brian Kilmeade set up yesterday’s debate between two Muslims to tear each other apart. Surprise! It was over the very same Catholic University/Muslim Controversy that Fox “News” has been hammering home all week. However, Kilmeade seemed to forget that he’s supposed to—at the very least—pretend to be “fair and balanced” while he’s actually saying the words “fair and balanced.” Instead he telegraphed his (the networks?) bias from the get-go. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 11:13 AM

October 28, 2011

Hannity Distorts Catholic University Controversy To Beat His Anti-Islamic Drum

Whether he’d admit to it or not, Sean Hannity is obviously, blatantly anti-Islamic. He’s also a guy who has a problem with the truth. So it comes as no big surprise that rather than have a real debate about the issues surrounding a lawsuit on behalf of a group of Muslim students looking for a religiously-appropriate prayer space at Catholic University, he’d twist the case into Muslims Trying To Take The Catholic Out Of Catholic University!!! But what’s Fox News’ excuse to allow this? And how about lawyer Jay Sekulow, Hannity’s like-minded guest? Just because we previously caught him behaving like a right-wing hack on the Hannity show doesn’t mean he can’t behave like a grown up legal analyst and inform rather than inflame… or does it?

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Reported by Ellen at 1:27 PM

October 23, 2011

Steve Doocy Defends Persecuted Christian Vanderbilt Students From Evil Atheists

Christianity in the USA is doing fine. Christians are free to follow their religion without fear of pogroms and other such nastiness. Nobody is forcing Christians to worship Zeus although if the Christians had their way this country would be the United States of Jesus; but I digress. Despite their being in the catbird seat, today's right wing Christians think that they are being persecuted. And as the media outlet for persecuted Christians, Fox News has never seen a persecuted Christian they haven't loved. One of the latest bits of Christian outrage is a Vanderbilt University policy which requires that student organizations can't discriminate against "individuals based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression." Naturally, the Christian groups, one of which kicked out a gay member, are upset. Naturally Fox is on it like treacly art on "holy cards." Fox Nation has already taken up this topic in order to foment righteous Christian outrage. Thursday morning, Jesus BFF Steve Doocy did his good Christian soldier routine in providing validation for another Jesus BFF, Congressman Randy Forbes who is upset about this latest affront to poor persecuted Christians.

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Reported by Priscilla at 11:03 AM
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