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Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

November 2, 2011

The Five Get The Herman Cain Story Right. Not So Fast, Gutfeld!

While I had hoped this moment would NEVER come to pass, it’s time to drop a compliment about the Fox “News” show The Five, of which I have been very critical. On yesterday’s show, when The Five started to take on the Herman Cain sex harassment scandal, I braced with trepidation. News Hounds has previously noted how much misinformation, or already debunked facts, are usually dispensed with the loud arguments on The Five. Furthermore, it’s no secret that Fox News does everything in its power not to find fault with the GOP and the “four against one” of The Five accentuates that defense. However, after a several listenings to this segment I can not find a single significant misstatement of facts or a full-throated defense of Herman Cain. More importantly (and this seemed to be true for the entire show yesterday), they weren’t yelling and interrupting each other like they do normally.* I have to agree with Bob Beckel, who said near the end of the segment, “This, by the way, is a very good conversation about this [and] I’m glad we got some people who understand the press side of this thing.” Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 11:02 AM

November 1, 2011

Fox’s Andy Levy Challenges Coulter For Playing The Race Card Over Herman Cain

In addition to proclaiming, “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” on Hannity last night, two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter threw a number of other racial flames. She repeated many of those on an appearance on Red Eye later, though, as Mediaite noted, the show was taped before Hannity. But unlike Hannity Red Eye’s Andy Levy confronted Coulter and made it clear her comments deserved no respect. Coulter was obviously not pleased at that treatment on Fox. In the past, she has walked off or had a hissy fit after being challenged. But Levy apparently stopped just before she reached a breaking point.

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Reported by Ellen at 5:47 PM

October 19, 2011

Greg Gutfeld Spreads Misinformation - Columbus Day Has NOT Been Banned In Somerville MA

Thanks to Fox News and other right wing media outlets, the story that a Somerville Principal has "banned" Columbus Day has gone viral. On Sunday, the weekend Fox & Friends, sourcing from the conservative Boston Herald, proclaimed that a Somerville school had "banned" fall holidays. And yesterday, Greg Gutfeld advanced this story which just isn't true. Somerville School Superintendent Tony Pierantozzi clearly stated, in the Somerville News, that “There is absolutely no validity to the stories that are everywhere about banning celebrations, banning all holidays, banning Halloween. At no time did anyone representing the Somerville Public Schools state that holidays or celebrations would be reduced, changed or curtailed." As this was reported today, and Gutfeld's commentary was yesterday, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But the question is whether he will issue a correction. But in addition to the misinformation, Gutfeld mocked the teacher's comment about the need to treat the issue of Columbus Day with "sensitivity" given what happened to the indigenous population after Columbus showed up. But hey, that's right wing "humor" for ya! If ignorance is bliss, these clowns are in wonderland!

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Reported by Priscilla at 3:00 PM

August 16, 2011

Greg Gutfeld's Guests Attack Children Featured In MoveOn.Org Video

In discussing the new ad from MoveOn which has children articulating progressive talking points, Fox Friend Peter Johnson Jr. said that this "is a new low in using children in a political message." But while Johnson thinks that MoveOn stooped to a new low, the reality is that the bar has been lowered by none other than Fox News "comedy" show, "Red Eye." It's a fact that former altar boy Greg Gutfeld attacks those who don't follow right wing orthodoxy. But so far, the smearing has been limited to adults. Last week, Gutfeld's guests went to a new low, even for Fox News, by attacking the children in the ad. While "Fox & Friends" started the day by suggesting that these so called innocent children were being used, Greg Gutfeld ended the day by providing a platform for his guests to actually smear the children. Stay classy, Greg!

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Reported by Priscilla at 10:39 AM

August 6, 2011

Greg Gutfeld, Not a Hamburger Clown, Defends McDonald's From "Food Freaks"

When Fox News has a right wing meme that needs to be "out there," it's reinforced on a variety of news and opinion shows. One of the cannons of today's right wing is that any attempts to thwart the God given rights of godly American children to stuff non nutritious McDonald's "food" into their increasingly widening abdominal areas is an abomination. The same folks who rail about having to pay for birth control have not a care in the world about the health care costs, borne by the government and those who have private plans, attributed to childhood obesity. Those who would seek to provide better nutrition for kids are seen as "food police" - a meme that Fox News is all to happy to advance. When San Francisco took action against the marketing of "Happy Meals" toys, Fox was on it. (here, here, here) Recently, when McDonald's announced healthy changes to its "Happy Meals," Fox & Friends "thanked" the "food police" for cutting into McDonald's profits because, they suggested, kids won't want "Happy Meals" anymore. And while Fox & Friends is a joke, Fox's Red Eye, a right wing propaganda vehicle disguised as a "comedy" show (something which non "fair & balanced" news networks CNN and MSNBC don't have), also jumped on the "food police" bandwagon. Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld's "food freaks" rant clearly was part of the right wing/Fox News world view that freedom's just another word for nothing left to eat.

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:06 PM
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