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October 27, 2011

Neil Cavuto Pretends Republicans Don’t Want To End Social Security

By Brian

On yesterday’s Your World, Democratic Congressional candidate Brad Avakian of Oregon spoke about Tea Party efforts to destroy Social Security. Neil Cavuto insisted that’s not the goal but the evidence suggests otherwise.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 3:30 PM

October 24, 2011

Fox Pundit To Rural America: If Privatized Postal Service Doesn’t Work For You, You Can Always Move!

By Brian and Ellen

If ever a Fox News segment proved how elitist those “we like America” Fox Newsies are, it was this segment from Forbes on Fox on Saturday, October 22, 2011. Host David Asman purported to frame it as a discussion about the Postal Service’s financial problems, especially with regard to the unions. But that was really a thinly-disguised excuse to talk up privatization. Asman slyly maneuvered the conversation that way by going immediately after his introduction to panelist Dennis Kneale with the enthusiastic “question:” "Dennis, you say, ‘Shut down the whole post office before taxpayers get stuck with another bailout!'”

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Reported by Ellen at 3:33 PM

October 20, 2011

Cavuto Appreciates Ron Paul’s Goal Of Dismantling And Privatizing The FDA

By Brian

Your World featured an interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on October 18, during the afternoon before the Republican presidential candidates’ debate. At about six minutes in, Cavuto asked, "You know a lot of your proposals on paper do make sense, and they’re a long term goal, you just do it in a lot less time. But the rap you get from others even within your party, and you'll likely hear it tonight sir, is that under your plan, the Food and Drug Administration would see its budget hacked close to half, 40%, maybe a little less. But… they're saying well that's tantamount to a President Ron Paul all but welcoming poisoning Americans. What say you?"

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 5:43 PM

August 10, 2011

Eric Bolling Goes All Bully-Boy Against Undeniable Truths: Another Aunty Em Annotated Transcript

A hint about watching Fox “News” critically: when it rejects all other Points of View, including mild, logical and non-controversial truths, you are witnessing the exact moment when the so-called “Fair & Balanced" network proves it nothing more than a Propaganda Network. It is pushing an agenda, not delivering news or viewpoints. There can be only one viewpoint. The Fox “News” viewpoint. And, don’t you forget it. Ever since S&P downgraded the credit rating, it’s been harder than ever to watch Fox “News” if you believe in journalism, as opposed to Propaganda. The “Fair and Balanced” network has been heavily invested in saving the Tea Party from any and all criticism. It’s the “we report, you decide” network’s greatest Propaganda Push since it helped promote the nascent astro-turfed Tea Party in the first place. “Some people say” this the Tea Party downgrade. That notion has sent Fox and its on-air personalities into barely-concealed snits and they have invested heavily in blaming “Mr. Obama” (as Eric Bolling often calls him) and/or defending the Tea Party.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 11:38 AM

June 24, 2011

Help Brave New Films Build A Progressive Echo Chamber To Protect Social Security

Our friends at Brave New Foundation (with whom we remain proud to be associated) have teamed up with Sen. Bernie Sanders and connected the dots between Koch brothers' money and attacks on Social Security. The result has been a right-wing echo chamber of media, pundits, politicians and position papers unanimous in their fear-mongering attempts at undoing a social program that has been a bedrock of our society. Watch the video after the jump and help build a new echo chamber by sharing with your friends.

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