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Prisoner Abuse

November 5, 2011

Sean Hannity Waterboard Watch: More Than 2 ½ Years Since Hannity Agreed To Be Waterboarded For Charity

Has Sean Hannity welched on his promise to be waterboarded for charity? On April 22, 2009, Hannity told guest Charles Grodin he'd consent to being waterboarded. According to our calculations, that's 927 days ago or two years, six months and 14 days.

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Reported by Ellen at 4:23 PM

August 31, 2011

Dick Cheney Still Gung Ho For Guantanamo And The Iraq War

Dick Cheney spent a full hour with Sean Hannity Tuesday night (8/30/11) – and another one is coming Thursday – in which the toughest questions asked were probably about his health. But late in the interview, as Hannity was fishing for attacks on President Obama, Cheney defended Guantanamo Bay prison on the grounds that it’s good for the world to fear the United States. Then Cheney immediately defended Gitmo as “probably a much more friendly environment and a comfortable situation” than any the prisoners would face at home. Later, Cheney boasted about his administration having “taken down” the Iraq terror program. Hannity, of course, didn’t challenge any of the assertions.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:57 AM

August 29, 2011

Fox News’ Dick Cheney Infomercial That Just Happens To Swipe At President Obama

In advance of Dick Cheney’s memoirs coming out, Fox News devoted an entire hour showcasing Cheney recently (8/19/11). Need I say there were rose-colored glasses for Cheney? And yet somehow host Bret Baier managed to work in some swipes at President Obama. The special was called “Dick Cheney Revealed” but it should have been called “Dick Cheney Touched Up.”

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Reported by Ellen at 6:11 PM

May 13, 2011

Is Fox News Ignoring John McCain's Statements On Torture And The Death Of Bin Laden?

You can barely turn on Fox News lately without hearing about the importance of waterboarding and "enhanced interrogations" to our national security. That is until the invitation of rapper Common to the White House became the nation's most important issue. But before that, on The O'Reilly Factor, contributor Dennis Miller said it was immoral NOT TO waterboard - with O'Reilly's evident approval. Plus, there was Donald Rumsfeld saying on the air it was a good thing Osama Bin Laden was killed because the Obama administration's prohibition against "enhanced interrogations" "would be unlikely to produce much intelligence from Osama Bin Laden." But yeserday, Sen. John McCain - a man with personal and professional authority on the issue - spoke out against the process and its use in the hunt for Bin Laden and I didn't hear a peep about it on the "fair and balanced" network.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:43 PM

May 9, 2011

Democrat Lanny Davis Wants To Legalize Torture

Add Democrat Lanny Davis to the Fox News Torture-A-Go-Go club. It’s bad enough that Bill O’Reilly and his fellow Fox News pundits keep promoting torture and even suggesting that it’s immoral not to torture, but Democrat Lanny Davis did his part to legitimize the practice by arguing last week (5/5/11) on The O'Reilly Factor that torture should be legalized.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:54 PM
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