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Personal Attacks

November 16, 2011

Fox & Friends Uses Gold Star Father To Attack CA Mayor

The Fox "friends" love veterans and love to feature stories about veterans - except for those that are about veterans being beaten up at "Occupy" protests! If there is any injustice - except for veterans being beaten up at "Occupy" protests - shown to American veterans, the red, white, and blue pals are there to expose the outrage. And according to Fox News, such an outrage took place in Richmond, California where the mayor was not doing her duty to honor veterans on Veterans Day. What made this even more of an egregious outrage was that according to the Fox News website and Fox Nation, this "California Mayor Snubs Veterans to Attend Occupy Rally." Spreading the word about this dastardly deed were the patriots on Fox & Friends who didn't really tell the whole story but all's fair in love, war, and character attacks on Fox & Friends who, in this patriotic segment, had a Gold Star dad as a human shield.

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:18 PM

November 15, 2011

Fox And Friends Outsource Smears To Comedian Brad Stine Again

Proving they learned absolutely nothing from the Hank Williams, Jr. fiasco—when he blurted out that President Obama was the enemy, leading to Williams being forcibly retired as ESPN’s Football Readyist—those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends dragged out comedian Brad Stine for his weekly attack on the left. [Does two Mondays in a row on Fox “News” constitute “weekly”?] After last week’s appearance Priscilla noted that Stine, “as a youth, led the ‘carny life’ and went on to doing stand-up. After his conversion to Christianity, he made his faith the focus of his acts. Because he's a Christian, he doesn't use profanity… He founded ‘God Men’ a Christian group that emphasizes ‘spiritual Christianity’ and who ‘give thanks’ to God for their testosterone.” Yet, despite his proclaimed deep faith in Christianity, Stine demonstrated none of the compassion and charity that one might expect from Jesus, even a Jesus with balls. No matter. Stine was brought on to smear unemployed ‘Merkins as lazy people and he didn’t disappoint. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 9:47 AM

November 5, 2011

Peter Johnson Claims Occupy Movement Is Unacceptable

The “Fear and Balanced Network,” aka The Fox “News” Channel, seems happiest when its personalities are able to instill fear in its audience. Among the Fear and Balanced things you should fear include, but are not limited to, Muslims; labor unions; The Phony Wars on Christmas and Halloween; Immigrants, especially the undocumented kind; creeping Socialism; creeping Sharia Law; the creeping President of the United States of ‘Merka; and Black ‘Merkins in general that are neither president, nor Herman Cain. However, judging by the sheer amount of airtime devoted to it in such a short period of time—not to mention the over-the-top demagoguery—the thing Fox “News” wants its viewers to fear the most these days is the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Seeming to be leading the Fox pitchfork crowd are Eric Bolling and Peter Johnson, Jr., both of whom go farther in their condemnation of OWS than other Fox “News” readers. Therefore, it was a glorious two-fer Friday when Eric Bolling (filling in on Fox and Friends for one of the blonde Foxy Friends) hosted the Knight of Malta, Peter Johnston, Jr.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 4:49 PM

November 3, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Enlists Deepak Chopra In War On Richard Dawkins & Continues Claim That Jesus Guided Evolution

The Christian right hate atheists. As the mouthpiece of the Christian right, the "fair & balanced" Fox "News" network provides a platform for denigration of atheists at every opportunity. While most of this Christian propaganda is seen on "Fox & Friends," Bill O'Reilly has been advancing the meme lately. Recently, he did a second interview with atheist Richard Dawkins. In Bill's mind, he totally smacked down what he felt was Dawkin's belief that believers are idiots. This was shown to be true, in that some of Bill's fellow believers were just so upset about Dawkins' comments on "The Factor" that they cancelled his scheduled speech at a Michigan country club. Bill must have felt that his culture war victory against evil atheism needed validation and reinforcement. Thus, he interviewed the popular Indian doctor, author, and metaphysical thinker Deepak Chopra who wraps "Eastern mystique in credible Western garb." Bill could have talked to Chopra about his new book; but instead he and Chopra (no fan of Dawkins) proceeded to use the time to bash Dawkins and proclaim Bill's devout Christianity; although one wonders if O'Reilly, in attempting to convince his audience of his "belief," might also be attempting to convince himself. Who knows? What we do know is that "bearing false witness" is not in accordance with those Commandments that Bill O'Reilly invoked during his attack on Richard Dawkins.

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:56 PM

October 31, 2011

Bill Maher The Latest Target Of Fox Nation Death Threats

As our Priscilla noted, "civil," "tolerant" Fox Nation has taken to calling Bill Maher "Pig Maher." That's the Fox Nation editor doing it, not the readers. So it's probably no surprise that the readers should react the way they have on one of the recent threads. We will turn these over to Maher.

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