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April 14, 2011

Fox Nation Blows The Dog Whistle On Justin Bieber

While Glenn Beck may not be currently on the Fox “News” Channel feed, his ideas and tactics have certainly permeated the joint—right on down to the citizens at (in?) FoxNation. Bill O’Reilly recently parroted Beck’s Chicken Little Theory that Soros and “the far left” are trying to crash the system in order to bring in a “quasi-Socialist State.” Now Fox Nation goes for a Beckian two-fer: Defending Israel and subtly blowing the Nazi dog whistle. And, who is the unlikely target? The Canadian singing teen heart-throb Justin Beiber, now accused of an embarrassing international incident on his tour in Israel.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 8:50 AM

September 24, 2008

Fox&Friends Don't Know Much About History

As I have frequently noted, there are certain “themes” that permeate Fox News. Lately, the republican/conservative-as-viciously-persecuted-by-liberals is all the rage. Poor Sarah Palin is being persecuted by the media. Poor smear merchants Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso’s appearances on a Chicago radio station were preceded by e-mails and phone calls from Obama supporters which, according to the “The Grapevine” (September 16th), was a result of the Obama campaign urging Obama supporters to demand that the appearances by cancelled. That the Obama e-mail did nothing of the sort was lost in propaganda. (and we know that Fox fans would never send e-mail, including death threats, to those whom Fox deems anathema - see furor over Bill O’Reilly’s coverage of a lecture on sex and drugs given in Boulder Colorado). But the latest bit of “woe is me” involves Rush Limbaugh who is quite upset about a Spanish language Obama ad. Not surprisingly, Fox is reinforcing the poor, poor Rush meme. Not surprisingly, some at Fox are hijacking history in their attempt to defend him.

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:22 PM

May 2, 2006

New Site Allows You to Thank Stephen Colbert

Go to: Thank You Stephen Colbert!

Full transcript of Colbert's comments available at about.com.

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April 20, 2006

Once Again Duke Rape Story Dominates, Cost Of Iraq War A Side Issue

Once again most of the coverage was on that most important national event, the Duke Lacrosse Team rape story on Studio B with Shepard Smith. We heard items that were on the search warrant, we even had another segment that had a defense lawyer and a prosecutor debate the speculation.

We did get a little news on the cost of the war in Iraq.

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February 7, 2006

Bolton Insinuates That Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

War seems to be the prevailing discussion on Fox these days. As my fellow News Hound, Janie reported Fox seemed to be making a case for going to war with Syria. On Studio B with Shepard Smith they made another case for war, this time with Iran, now stating as fact that the State Department claims that Iran has the nuclear capabilities and the delivery means for those weapons. Where have we heard those words before?

How ironic that all this talk of war should take place on the day a great woman of peace, Coretta Scott King, was laid to rest.

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