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April 2, 2009

No Peabody Awards For Fox News? But They’re #1 In Cable News!

While media ratings are important for advertising revenue, they don’t necessarily imply quality. Compare any program on NPR with the highly rated Fox&Friends and you know what I’m talking about. Thus, we have Fox News, ”real journalism, fair and balanced,” being #1 in cable news while not receiving any awards from an organization that values real journalism. It’s also funny that the Fox apologists, when faced with the evidence of Fox partisanship and right wing demagoguery (Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Fox&Friends), claim that these right wing talking sockpuppets are “conservative commentators” and, thus, not subject to the proper protocol for “real” journalism – which is how Fox defines itself. So, the lack of a Peabody Award might be because the Peabody people don’t value what Fox presents as “real journalism, fair and balanced.” Ya think?!

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:07 PM

October 2, 2008

“Grapevine” Hits AP For A "Bad News" Story That Appears On Fox Website!

In the midst of dark times, Fox always has happy news which shows that there is a “silver lining” to even the blackest economic storm clouds, as shown in its lead off segment chyron “silver lining.” Last night’s (October 1st) “Grapevine” was very critical of an AP story, about low consumer confidence levels, which didn’t reference the up tick in “consumer expectations” until the 10th paragraph. The reporting, on other news sites, also began with reference to the low levels. Bloomberg, a site that has (as opposed to Fox News) serious and non partisan business creds, structured its reporting in the same manner. But the really funny thing is that, lo and behold, the “bad” AP story is right smack dab on the Fox business site. Hello, knock, knock – is anybody home?!?

Reported by Priscilla at 10:19 AM