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Not-So-Liberal Liberals

October 19, 2011

How Fox News Uses Weak Democrats And News Corp Synergy To Play Pretend

Nothing demonstrates how frightened The Right Wing Establishment™ is of the Occupy movement than the continuing, and seemingly never-ending, Fox “News” effort to smear the world-wide protests. The Fox tele-prompter readers have used every trick in the book, to the point where the so-called news network is actually touting the Nazi Party’s endorsement of OWS. Leave it to Doug Schoen—a so-called Democratic Pollster who was awarded “Democratic Wanker of the Decade” in these pages—to take Fox’s side. Yesterday he used the pages of the Wall Street Journal (owned by News Corp, not coincidentally the parent company of Fox News), to publish an absolutely stupid column titled “Polling the Occupy Wall Street Crowd.” And, leave it to Stewart Varney to appear with the Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends to pretend that Doug Schoen is onto something when he’s really full of crap.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 1:19 PM

October 14, 2011

Bob Beckel Literally Owes His Life To Roger Ailes and Eric Bolling

From the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Department: On yesterday’s edition of The Five—the Fox “News” equivalent of a uncomfortable family dinner each and every weekday—wacky-but-loveably-sexist cousin Greg Gutfeld interrupted the proceedings to demand that crazy-but-no-longer-addicted Uncle Bob Beckel tell the anecdote of what happened earlier in the day. Short version: At lunch, with the extended [corporate] family, Uncle Bob appears to have choked on a [jumbo?] shrimp. Beckel was the first to admit that had not Eric Bolling and Roger Ailes been there to Heimlich him [he’s big enough that it might actually take two people] the headlines today might have been very different. No. Really:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 4:23 PM

July 16, 2011

Has The Five’s Greg Gutfeld Been Infected By The Gay Agenda?

Props where they are due. After yesterday’s (and previous) rips of Greg Gutfeld, it’s only fair to mention the one time (so far) that Gutfeld was actually decent, and not the smug and unfunny frat boy he usually plays on television. Nominally, the argument (and that’s all it ever is on that show: one big, long, never-ending, interminable, non-stop argument) was a Tanteros device to give Michele Bachmann some patented Fox News cover for her husband’s whackadoodlePray Away The Gay” therapy clinic. Tantaros is shocked—shocked, I tells ya!!!—that someone might take a hidden camera undercover to embarrass the candidate’s spouse and, therefore, the candidate herself (like Michele Bachmann needs anyone’s help in that area). The Fox News chyron read 2012 SPOUSES: FAIR GAME? As Tanteros intoned portentously, “This is what the left is doing now. It is trying to take this jobs economy [campaign issue] and turn it into an issue about Gay Marriage.”

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Reported by Aunty Em at 1:52 PM

July 15, 2011

The Five At Five: Mosques on the Hudson

Caught up with The Five again yesterday and I have to admit my editor Ellen is right: It’s The View, with testosterone. I’d add: the rotating hosts are like a barnstorming Minor League Team, all hoping to one day appear in The Show—nothing fancy, of course, but something with their name in the title. I don’t know what turned my stomach the most about this segment, the fact that no one stuck up for the rights of Muslims to build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted, unconditionally; or the dinnertime discussion of bone fragments scattered from here, to here, to here.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 7:06 PM

July 5, 2011

The Fox News Vendetta Against Media Matters Via Their Tax Exempt Status Continues

As Democrat Jehmu Greene suggested during Fox News Watch’s double segment attacking Media Matters’ tax exempt status (complete with a suggestion that viewers could file their own complaints), if Fox really cares about partisanship in non-profit organizations, it needs to look beyond just Media Matters – which just so happens to have Fox News squarely in its sights, particularly with a “Drop Fox” program aimed at the network’s advertisers. Instead, Fox News' attack on Media Matters' status quacks like a self-serving vendetta.

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Reported by Ellen at 10:38 AM
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