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October 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Is Fox’s New Fair And Balanced Enemy

It has become obvious to even the most myopic and politically uninvolved among us that Fox “News” is treating the organic Occupy Wall Street protests as an existential threat to its very existence. Why else would the network devote so much time to portraying the protestors as the scum of the earth? Contrast that with the breathless coverage Fox devoted to promoting the astroturfed Teabagger gatherings. Why would the coverage be so different from one protest to another? Because Fox understood instinctively that the Teabaggers were already its core audience: low information voters easily brainwashed into adopting whatever opinion the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey wanted. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. However, the OWS protestors are decidedly NOT Fox viewers. Worse yet, for those who work at the company store in Murdochville, OWS will not be led by the nose into adopting opinions diametrically opposed to its best interests. That’s what scares the propaganda network the most. That’s why Fox “News” feels the need to do everything within its power to denigrate the Occupy movement. The same drip, drip, drip used to promote Teabaggism is now being used in an attempt to destroy the Occupy movement, at least in the minds of Fox viewers. It starts each day with those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends, who set the ‘meme table’ for all the shows that follow on the schedule. Thursday morning’s “all hands on deck” call to trash Occupy Wall Street included—but was not limited to—such Fox personalities as Peter Johnson, Jr. and Eric Bolling. It’s worth examining both appearances in some detail. First up: Johnson, the Knight of Malta, who—at least according to Doocy’s intro—was brought on to compare this protest with other historical protests. This was not a history lesson. Johnson essentially delivered an editorial. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 12:40 PM

May 28, 2011

Hannity And Breitbart Use Obama “Online Response” Appointment As An Excuse To Throw A Pity Party For Poor, Persecuted Conservatives

Once again, bullyboy Sean Hannity played the victim card as cover for blatant, unwarranted attacks on liberals for “crimes” he’d quickly condone from one of his own. This time, that “one of his own” was sitting right there next to him in the personhood of Andrew Breitbart. As Hannity and Breitbart whined that a White House appointment for “outreach, strategy and response” online was an effort to stifle free speech, Hannity and Fox News somehow ignored Breitbart’s demonstrated record in deceitfully trying to destroy people and organizations he opposes.

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Reported by Ellen at 10:57 AM

January 9, 2011

We Must Debate, Not Hate

MoveOn.org has a petition for Congress and the TV news networks calling for an end to all overt and implied appeals to violence in American politics.

Reported by Ellen at 11:31 PM

November 19, 2010

Maddow And Stewart Take On Glenn Beck

By Aunty Em

Remember that old adage, “It doesn’t matter what they say about you, as long as they spell your name right”? Glenn Beck must be positively gleeful as both Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart took to the airwaves in the same day to roast the Fox “News” Rodeo Clown; one with comedy and the other with righteous indignation. I’ll let you decide which is which.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 11:56 PM

July 26, 2010

MoveOn Video Shows Breitbart Saying He Hearts Al Qaeda

OK, so Andrew Breitbart probably didn't actually say he hearts Al Qaeda, as MoveOn.org's new video shows him doing. But that's really the point. As MoveOn notes, their video is just as legitimate as the one Breitbart released last week supposedly showing racism on the part of USDA official Shirley Sherrod.

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Reported by Ellen at 5:17 PM
Harold Ford, Jr. Gets It, reported by Ellen,
FOX can't help helping MoveOn.org, reported by Chrish,