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Michael Moore

October 14, 2011

A Friendly Fox And Friends Welcome To “We Are 53 Percent”

If any more proof is needed that Fox “News” has taken a stand against Occupy Wall Street, one only has to look at the warm welcome given to Mike Wilson, described as “Conservative Filmmaker” and “Developer” of “We Are The 53 Percent,” the newest Right Wing protest group on the ‘Merkin political scene. While The 53ers seem to be quite a small group, that didn’t stop the Foxy Friends (in the persona of Gretchen Carlson) from giving Wilson as warm an embrace as Fox “News” did Teabaggers…or Joe the Plumber. That’s because Fox doesn’t care how big or small a group is, as long as it’s on the right side, pun intended. Clearly Fox “News” believes “We Are The 53%” is on the right side, as evidenced by the chyrons alone. As Wednesday’s interview began the following words appeared at the bottom of the screen: Taking on ‘Occupy Wall Street’; ‘We are the 53 percent’ claims middle ground. At the 23 second mark that’s replaced by “Mike Wilson; Conservative Filmmaker” which, at the 33 second mark faded to “Mike Wilson; Developer, “We Are 53%.” Oddly enough, this only stayed up on screen for a mere 3.5 seconds. Suddenly the chyron is dropped entirely so that Fox can show full screen the pictures that Wilson was currently talking about. WOW!!! Talk about synergy. It’s almost like that was planned because Fox almost never drops the chyron unless it’s for Hooters babes. Twenty seconds later the screen returned to a regular shot of Wilson with the words Counter protest movement; Telling Wall St Demonstrators to ‘Suck it up’ below him. Less than 10 seconds later those words are replaced by ‘We are the 53%’; Blame themselves, politicians for their angst, followed a short time later by “Anti-Occupy Wall St Movement; Says be responsible for your own destiny.” Media Matters also contrasted the treatment of OWS with this new group in an article titled “Fox Attacks ‘99 Percent’ To Support ‘53 Percent,’ ” posted a day before this softball interview. As comprehensive as MMfA's article might be, as much—if not far more—is said by Gretchen's kiss, kiss, kiss ending to this interview. The Gretch wrapped it all up in a nice pretty bow for those who didn’t get the less-than-subtle propaganda, “It’s a very interesting reaction to what’s going on on Wall Street. And we’ll check back in with you because I have a feeling it’s going to continue to grow.” Translation: “We’ll keep pushing your group and, just like we did for the Teabaggers, we’ll help you grow.” Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 12:30 PM

March 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Suddenly Advocates For Civility

Remember when Sarah Palin was whining that criticisms of her inflammatory rhetoric were an attempt to stifle her free speech? When she defiantly responded “I’m not gonna sit down. I’m not gonna shut up?” Well, Palin is singing a completely different tune now. When she appeared on the Hannity program to discuss the protests in Wisconsin, immediately following the Scott Walker Rehab segment, Palin lectured about the need for civility.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:17 PM

March 6, 2011

Fox News Contributor: Tax The Rich Less, Tax The Poor Much More!

By Brian

Yesterday’s Cashin’ In show featured a discussion about Michael Moore’s call for redistributing wealth. Although all the regulars on the panel attacked the idea, Jonathan Hoenig took it a step further by saying, “Wealthy earners should pay even less! The poor should pay much more!” With the exception of guest (and News Hounds Top Dog) Christian Dorsey, all the regulars were squarely on the side of the unfairly vilified, under-appreciated wealthy.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 10:20 PM

April 27, 2010

Beck Uses an Old Obama Clip to Bash Cap and Trade -- And Says Some Other Dumb Stuff, Too

Glenn Beck is marvelous in his simplicity. I mean that sincerely. The fact that the term "simple" when referring to a human being isn't necessarily a good thing . . . well, it is what it is. Here are some samples of Beck's simplistic formulas, as demonstrated on yesterday's (4/26/10) "The One Thing" segment. He's seems big on linking dependency and regulation. To Beck, the Obama Administration = dependent = regulating social justice = red tape = slavery. So . . . the Obama Administration is all about slavery now? Oh, here's another one: "Tough new international capital regime" = global government = New World Order. Since Beck read someplace that "global government" = "really bad, like spooky bad," he's completely appalled at the Americans = total silence thing. Even the Republicans failed to come through. . . "the Republicans were all for this one, wow, how does that happen?" I think he was talking about Goldman Sachs, but I'm not sure. But let me harken back to the "intellectually dishonest" charge I made against Beck in my recent post. He could be simply intellectually dishonest. Or he could be just not real smart. Or, he could be a not real smart, intellectually dishonest person with not real smart, intellectually dishonest fans. In any event, in Beck's universe, Goldman Sachs is the bad guy but not really the bad guy -- certainly not bad enough, in Beck's view, to support what the "Almighty Senate" is going to do to Goldman Sachs on Tuesday in the "good show, I mean, a good hearing." With video.

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Reported by Julie at 12:09 AM

March 16, 2010

Join Brave New Films' Online Chat With Michael Moore Tuesday

Brave New Films will be hosting an online chat with Michael Moore Tuesday, March 16th, at 3PM ET. You can participate by submitting questions here.

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