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Inciting violence

November 12, 2011

"Fair And Balanced" Fox Nation Calls Occupy Protesters "Savages"

Current headline on "fair and balanced" and "civil," "tolerant" Fox Nation: 'Occupy' Savages Invade Conservative Conference.
No wonder the site became a breeding ground for murderous impulses regarding the protesters.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:24 AM

November 11, 2011

Fox Nation Still Longing For Occupy Protesters To Be Murdered

By Aria

As many Newshounds know, I have been spending a lot of time on Fox Nation lately, creating a “case file” of the violent ill-will their “civil, tolerant” membership displays towards the movement. I began doing this after readers threatened Van Jones after Fox Nation posted an inflammatory - and distorted - article about him. Since then, the unhinged hatred has continued: finding police brutality against Occupy protesters "inspiring," openly discussing murdering the Occupy protesters and finding it "funny" when an Occupy Oakland protester got hit by a car. So it's not all that surprising that this article, showing the police beating arm-linked protesters with little to no provocation, got voted as "inspiring." However, the zeal for violence against the protesters - and yes, more talk of murder - is literally sickening.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 2:37 PM

November 8, 2011

"Civil," "Tolerant" Fox Nation Readers Discuss Murdering OWS Protesters

Once again, Fox Nation, the website that boasts about its civility and tolerance is talking murder. Today's targets are members of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The comments are disturbing but even more disturbing is that Fox Nation seems unwilling to put a stop to this kind of talk. (H/T Aria Prescott)

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Reported by Ellen at 11:55 PM

November 3, 2011

Georgia Terrorism Suspect Allegedly Found Inspiration In Fox News Expert’s Novel

You may have read about four men arrested in Georgia Tuesday for what the New York Times described as a domestic terror plot involving guns, bombs and the toxin ricin, all aimed at killing federal and state officials and spreading terror. Yesterday (11/2/11), Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie reported on the case for America’s Newsroom and noted in his report that one of the defendants “allegedly cited the online novel, Absolved, which discusses small groups of citizens attacking U.S. officials. Apparently, this defendant… allegedly saying that these attacks would be based on events in that novel.” But what Serrie and host Martha MacCallum didn’t mention is that the author of Absolved is a Fox News expert.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:19 AM

October 31, 2011

Bill Maher The Latest Target Of Fox Nation Death Threats

As our Priscilla noted, "civil," "tolerant" Fox Nation has taken to calling Bill Maher "Pig Maher." That's the Fox Nation editor doing it, not the readers. So it's probably no surprise that the readers should react the way they have on one of the recent threads. We will turn these over to Maher.

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Reported by Ellen at 4:04 PM
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