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Health Care

November 14, 2011

Maltese Knight Peter Johnson Jr. Praises Catholic College Opposition To Birth Control Mandate

Fox News has less than six degrees of separation from the Catholic Church. Given that the Catholic Church has traditionally been on the side of the rich and powerful, it's not surprising that Rupert Murdoch was given a Papal Knighthood in return for a large donation to the LA diocese for a new cathedral. The News Corps board of directors includes the very conservative Catholic and former Spanish president Jose Maria Aznar. Murdoch's American capo, Roger Ailes, isn't a Catholic but he attends Mass with his Catholic third wife. Many of the Fox anchors are Catholic and the one clergyperson who appears regularly, on Fox News, is a right wing former member of the wealthy and scandal ridden "Legion of Christ," Fr. Jonathan Morris. And it's just not choice of personnel that suggests Catholic influence in Fox News. The content, in relation to social issues, dovetails nicely with the conservative teaching of American bishops who have put "social justice" on a back burner while throwing their huge political clout to banning abortion and gay marriage. It was no coincidence that Fox "opinion" was spun for defunding of Planned Parenthood. The US bishop syndicate is not happy about health care reform regulations that mandate that Catholic institutions provide free contraception (as well as other gynecological related services) for their employees - despite the fact that many of these women are not Catholic. Thus, it wasn't surprising to see Fox's Maltese Knight, Peter Johnson Jr, on this morning's Fox & Friends, (Ailes little morning fiefdom) unilaterally defend those whose "war on women" is escalating.

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Reported by Priscilla at 11:35 AM

November 11, 2011

Michele Bachmann Analyzes The Country’s Ills: We Have Too Much Socialism

Michele Bachmann appeared in a pre-recorded interview with Sean Hannity on tonight’s Hannity show for several minutes of what amounted to a campaign infomercial. Bachmann, crazy as ever, announced that “what’s wrong with the United States today” is that “we have too much socialism.” Then she announced that she is the person who can save the country. Hannity, of course, didn’t challenge a word.

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Reported by Ellen at 11:49 PM

October 3, 2011

Cavuto’s “Commentary” More Like A Herman Cain Campaign Commercial

This was Neil Cavuto’s loving tribute to Herman Cain disguised as his “Commentary” segment on Friday (9/30/11). Cavuto insisted he was not trying to promote Cain but he ended by saying that the more he hears from Cain’s critics, “The more I just want, well, to vomit.”

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 3:20 AM

September 30, 2011

Megyn Kelly Gives "Right To Life" Eulogy For "Baby Joseph"

Bill O'Reilly might not have been referring, as I contended, to Fox News when he said "And that's why we fight so hard here for the rights of the unborn." But whom was O'Reilly referring to? Was he talking about himself? Was he talking about the country cuz his "we" certainly isn't me and a lot of others. Given that O'Reilly was speaking to another Fox employee, Megyn Kelly, the "here" would suggest Fox News. One thing is for sure. If he were referring to Fox, it's an accurate statement as the abortion coverage on Fox "News" has does have an anti-choice tilt which reached a fevered pitch in O'Reilly's relentless campaign, never disavowed by Fox, against an abortion doctor who was assassinated by somebody who shares O'Reilly's anti-choice views. The "Baby Joseph" story was about end of life decisions; but it was used by the "right to life" to promote the notion that removing artificial life support is cruel and morally wrong. Fox News was more than happy to aid the pro-lifers in its extensive coverage which included lots of face time for radical, anti-choice priest Fr. Frank Pavone. "Baby Joseph" has died and Fox News can't quit him. In eulogizing the child, "news" anchor Megyn Kelly framed the issue as - wait for it - "right to life." So if Fox News doesn't have a pro-life bias, it's not shown by the content of its shows that do seem to pander to an important right wing constituency.

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:14 PM

September 14, 2011

Mediaite Profiles Fox’s Spin Meister Frank Luntz

Long-time readers of News Hounds are well familiar with Frank Luntz, the so-called “pollster” who appears regularly on the so-called “news network.” Real pollsters try to get a candid snapshot of the public mood at any given time. On the other hand: Luntz poses the components in his snapshots to create the appearance of a public mood in order to push GOP talking points for Fox “News.” He is documented in these pages stacking focus groups to get more favorable responses on several occasions. He has also been caught haranguing his focus groups until they finally give him the answer he’s looking for. Luntz has also used his, err, talents to help the Republican Party fine-tune its message into easily digestible sound-bites, which don’t have to be true to be effective: “death tax” instead of “estate tax” or “tax relief” instead of “tax cuts.” His formulation “government takeover” of health care was Politifact’s Lie of the Year. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Mediaite tackle the problem that is Frank Luntz. Philip Bump writes:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 8:19 AM
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