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Frances Fox Piven

January 29, 2011

The Beck Week That Was: Comedic Props Edition, The Sequel

As Glenn Beck sheds viewers rapidly, nothing seems to be working anymore for the artist formerly known as a Rodeo Clown. Ironically for someone who recently compared himself to Jon Stewart, his recent pathetic attempt to become the American Gandhi and introduction of the phony bologna peace pledge, has made Beck a laughing stock to anyone with a brain. Or anyone with access to YouTube (more about that later), who can see for themselves his continued hateful, violent, over-the-top, eliminationist rhetoric. His sustained attacks on Frances Fox Piven, have only fueled sympathy for the 78-year old woman, who is now getting death threats from the Beckinistas. Nothing Piven has ever said advocated violence, despite Beck’s claims. And, none of her rhetorical flourishes have come even close to his comparisons of President Obama’s administration as Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, ‘60s Radicals, and/or a cancer trying to destroy Our Great Nation™. His barely concealed anti-Semitic smears of George Soros last year continue to reverberate: recently it resulted in Fox “News” refusing delivery of a 10,000 signature petition demanding it fire Beck and, just this week, 400 rabbis of every political persuasion and orthodoxy published an open letter in the Wall Street Journal calling on Fox “News” to sanction Beck for more Nazi references than you can wave a swastika flag at, and Roger Ailes, for good measure, for Nazi references he made defending Juan Williams and … err … defending the aforementioned Glenn Beck. Since WSJ is one of the cogs in the Massive Murdoch Media Machine, this was a very public (and expensive at $100,000) poke in the eye—just another example of Beck bringing shame to the company. Despite his probable stockpile of ingots of gold, you might say Beck has become the reverse King Midas: lately everything he touches turns to shit. As he becomes increasingly desperate to keep his audience you can almost see the ‘flop sweat’ spread across his brow. So, what’s a self-claimed comedian to do? Fall back on the character that always worked best on his Comedy Carnival Cavalcade—the tried and true—what always worked on his earliest laugh-a-minute shows on Fox “News:” Prop Comedian Extraordinaire. There was a time when Carrot Top and Gallagher (either I or II) were not even fit to boil Beck’s frog water. However, as the props become more incomprehensible, the laughs are fewer and farther between. Glenn’s going to have to step up his game of he wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Jon Stewart, or Shecky Green, for that matter.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 8:22 PM

January 26, 2011

Like Palin, Beck Doubles Down On Attacks On 78 Year-Old Professor And Makes Himself The Victim

Instead of showing any decency, Glenn Beck, under fire for his relentless attacks on a 78 year-old professor, pulled a Palin. Ignoring his inflammatory witch hunt against Professor Frances Fox Piven, he made himself the victim. Oh, and while he was at it? He likened Piven to an assassin about to kill him.

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Reported by Ellen at 5:30 PM

January 23, 2011

Fox News Refuses To Tell Glenn Beck To Tone It Down Against 78 Year-Old Professor

Earlier in the week, I posted about concerns over Glenn Beck's vicious, incendiary attacks on a 78 year-old professor, Frances Fox Piven, over material she wrote 45 years ago. The Center for Constitutional Rights wrote to Fox News chief Roger Ailes to ask that the network show a little decency at long last and put an end to Beck's verbal assaults on Piven. But while Ailes claims to have told his hosts to “tone it down” in the wake of the Tucson massacre, the "fair and balanced" network has refused to do exactly that when it comes to Beck’s unhinged targeting of Piven.

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Reported by Ellen at 6:23 PM