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Fox Shows

October 19, 2011

Maroon 5 Tells Fox News: Don’t Play Our Music - UPDATED

According to Rolling Stone, successful multi-platinum Los Angeles Pop Rock band Maroon 5 has a message for Fox News: Don’t play our music! Earlier today band leader Adam Levine sent out a tweet that doesn’t seem so random. “Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again. Thank you.”

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Reported by Aunty Em at 6:59 PM

October 13, 2011

Brian Kilmeade's And Fox News Islamophobia?

When a group of NY City Muslims decided to convert their downtown property into an Islamic cultural center, the right wing world went into paroxysms of Islamophobic rage. Never wanting to waste an opportunity to further divide Americans, Fox News, in tandem with Islamophobic hate group leader, Pam Geller and the Murdoch owned NY Post, provided a not so "fair & balanced" media "megaphone" for those who were opposed to the "Ground Zero Mosque." A standard bearer for the anti-mosque forces was Fox "friend," Brian Kilmeade, who never wasted an opportunity to validate the hatred which included his statement, for which he reluctantly apologized, that "all terrorists are Muslims." It appears that Kilmeade's palpable opposition to the mosque wasn't done as part of his dramatis (and buffonish) persona on Fox News but rather, playing to type!

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Reported by Priscilla at 2:36 PM

October 9, 2011

Fox News Pimps Book For Catholic Lay People Without Noting Author's GOP Connection

Fox "News" is a haven for those Catholics who are persecuted and those who write books. But a new book about the expanding role of Catholic laypeople mustn't be selling too well because not only has it been promoted twice on Fox News (Fox & Friends and America's News HQ); but the author was able to pimp his book on the Fox News website. Seems like pretty sweet treatment for this average looking Catholic everyman type who just wants to encourage Catholics to do stuff for their church now that there aren't enough priests and nuns to do it. But it turns out that this deeply religious fellow isn't just your average schmuck.

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Reported by Priscilla at 1:36 PM

September 28, 2011

Fox News' Hero Priest, Frank Pavone, In Holy Hot Water?

Remember how, earlier this year, Fox "News" ran an almost 24 and 7 loop of coverage on how the evil Canadian healthcare system was forcing "Baby Joseph" to die. The reality, of course, was that the hospital, where "Baby Joseph" Maarachli was a patient, decided against providing a tracheotomy for the child based on what they believed was the best course of action for the baby. As part of the "fair & balanced" reporting, Fox featured commentary from radical, anti-choice priest, Father Frank Pavone who used his face time to denigrate Canadian health care and Obama's health care reform which, according to Pavone, really could have death panels lurking around the corner. This wasn't Pavone's first time on Fox. He was featured during the Terri Schiavo Fox News media circus and in the lead up to Obama's address at Notre Dame which the Catholic anti-choicers were all in a dither over. But the high point for Pavone, during the "Baby Joseph" thing, was his supposed "rescue" of the child during the cover of night. The reality was that the hospital (which got death threats during the Fox "coverage") handed the child over to Pavone for transportation to an American hospital. The child has just passed away and a good chunk of the article on Fox News.com consists of quotes from Pavone. Funny, neither the Fox News website nor Pavone's pals on Fox News seem to have noticed that Pavone's hero wings have been clipped. He's been suspended as "Priests for Life" head and has been recalled to his home diocese while the Church investigates whether his group has been involved in financial improprieties.

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Reported by Priscilla at 2:38 PM

September 12, 2011

Fox News Successful Hatemongering?

While we know that correlation doesn't necessarily imply causation, we're still not sure about the sequence of chickens and eggs. And that's why we need to ask the question about whether Fox News creates bigots or if it just reinforces and enhances the base bigotry of its audience. A new study, by the Brookings Institute in conjunction with Public Religion Research Institute, has some interesting and not surprising results about attitudes of Fox viewers vs. viewers of other media. Put it this way, Fox viewers do have some metaphorical pitchforks in their arsenals!

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Reported by Priscilla at 11:52 AM
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