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FOX Report with Shepard Smith

September 25, 2011

Saturday Night Live Does Fox News GOP Debate

Moderated by "Shepard Smith" and featuring Alec Baldwin as Rick Perry. I found the Chinese jokes pretty offensive but otherwise funny stuff!

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Reported by Ellen at 5:20 PM

June 10, 2011

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Planned Parenthood Defunding Law Is Courageous

While Fox "News" claims that its "news" is "fair & balanced," it's apparent that at least one of its "news" commentators is, personally, highly partisan. And while it's acceptable that a news commentator has views on issues, it becomes somewhat questionable when those views spill over into the realm of "news." And if it's true that there is a political/religious litmus test for Fox "News" hosts, Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of Fox Business' "Freedom Watch" and guest commentator on other Fox shows, passes with flying colors. He's just not your average conservative Catholic like so many pretty faces on Fox. He describes himself as "fiercely pro-life." He, like his fellow Fox Catholic Bill O'Reilly would love to take women back to the "good old days" of back alley abortions and his zeal for criminalizing abortion has enabled him to be chosen as a guest speaker for the New Jersey "Right to Life." So it's not surprising that he would be part of the Fox "News" amen chorus who are framing the Indiana law, prohibiting Medicaid reimbursement to Planned Parenthood, as one of "states' rights." And in addition to putting the correct spin on the issue he goes even further in praising the "courage" of Governor Mitch Daniels" who signed this questionable legislation into law. And he did this during the Shep Smith show which is supposedly part of the "fair & balanced" "news" programming. Go figure.

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Reported by Priscilla at 10:50 AM

April 26, 2011

Shepard Smith Confirms President Obama "Is A Citizen Of The United States. Period."

Smith announced this on yesterday's Fox Report. Do you think this will stop the breathless birther speculation on Fox News?

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Reported by Ellen at 12:19 PM

December 31, 2010

Fox Report On Unusual Tornadoes And Winter Weather Avoids Mentioning Unusually Warm Temperature

There were a series of freak storms today: As USA Today reported, "Tornadoes fueled by unusually warm weather pummeled the South and Midwest on Friday, killing at least six people and injuring dozens more across Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. Forecasters said storms later in the evening could hit as New Year's Eve celebrations begin along a stretch from near Chicago to New Orleans." But a report on the storms on Fox Report this evening left out the role of unusually warm weather.

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Reported by Ellen at 8:16 PM

November 8, 2009

Saturday Night Live Sends Up Fox News Election Coverage

Funny!! SNLers impersonate Greta Van Susteren, Karl Rove, Brit Hume, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams and Glenn Beck, discussing how election night represented the end of the Obama era. After all, it's been 10 months and Obama has not turned around the economy yet. With "Joe Trippi" for balance, Fox News style. "Beck" is perfect!

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Reported by Ellen at 10:58 PM
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