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FOX News Watch

October 9, 2011

Alan Colmes Smacks Down Hypocritical Attacks On Occupy Wall Street Protests

Maybe this is why Colmes was left out of the Hannity 15-year retrospective. Go, Alan!

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Reported by Ellen at 9:50 PM

July 18, 2011

More Spin Of News Corp. Phone Hacking Scandal From Fox News Watch

Fox News Watch's motto is “Covering the coverage, uncovering media bias.” But “spinning for News Corp.” would be a more apt description of its various segments this week (7/16/11) on the News Corp. phone hacking scandal. Out of four panelists plus host Jon Scott, only Alan Colmes seemed to care about the actual wrongdoing by a giant media conglomerate. Everyone else seemed more interested in deflecting attention by pointing fingers elsewhere: media overhype, liberal antagonism toward Murdoch, a ploy by News Corp. competitors – you name it. Everything except a concern about being associated with a corporation whose very high level executives on both sides of the Atlantic have been implicated and/or arrested in an illegal phone hacking scandal.

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Reported by Ellen at 10:40 AM

July 17, 2011

Fox News Attacks FBI Investigation Into News Corp. Hacking Of 9/11 Victims As Anti-Fox Bias

Fox News’ super sensitivity to 9/11 victims’ feelings has been thrown out the window now that there are allegations that another media arm of parent News Corp. may have illegally hacked into their phones. Instead of wondering whether or not that really happened and to whom, most of the Fox News Watch panel yesterday (7/16/11) was busy promoting their own victimhood and pre-emptively discrediting any federal investigation as a product of anti-Fox News bias in the Obama administration. Classy!

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Reported by Ellen at 8:40 PM

July 5, 2011

The Fox News Vendetta Against Media Matters Via Their Tax Exempt Status Continues

As Democrat Jehmu Greene suggested during Fox News Watch’s double segment attacking Media Matters’ tax exempt status (complete with a suggestion that viewers could file their own complaints), if Fox really cares about partisanship in non-profit organizations, it needs to look beyond just Media Matters – which just so happens to have Fox News squarely in its sights, particularly with a “Drop Fox” program aimed at the network’s advertisers. Instead, Fox News' attack on Media Matters' status quacks like a self-serving vendetta.

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Reported by Ellen at 10:38 AM

May 17, 2011

Fox News Homo Hating Cal Thomas Gets "Media Excellence" Award - Seriously?!

What can I say? Brent Bozell's "Media Research Center" presented the "William F Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence" to one of Fox News' stable of homophobic right wingers. Yup, Cal Thomas was given an award named for a conservative who would have considered the mouth breathing vitriol of today's right wingers rather gauche and whose continental ways would be considered downright seditious by today's right wing mouth breathers. And given Cal Thomas' homophobia and journalistic bible thumping, he would definitely not have been comfortable with yesterday's more urbane fiscal conservatives who believed that moralistic bible thumping and whining about Christian persecution (one of Cal's specialties) was just so outré.

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Reported by Priscilla at 3:49 PM
Is Cal Thomas Some Kind Of Joke?, reported by Priscilla,
John Scott Spins, reported by Ellen,