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Eric Holder

November 11, 2011

Bill Hemmer Ramps Up The Fox News Witch Hunt Against Eric Holder By "Asking" If He Committed Treason

Rather than doing any research or investigation, Fox News' "objective" host Bill Hemmer read a viewer's inflammatory question asking if Attorney General Eric Holder has committed treason - and then turned to the Republican guest for an answer. (H/T Aunty Em and Media Matters)

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Reported by Ellen at 3:35 PM

October 20, 2011

Sen. John Cornyn Admits His Amendment Was A Publicity Stunt To Embarrass Eric Holder And The DOJ – And Gets A Pass From Fox News

Senator John Cornyn visited On The Record last night (10/19/11) to discuss his amendment barring funding for programs like the ATF's misbegotten Fast and Furious operation about which there’s no detail too small to discuss on Fox – so long as it casts Attorney General Eric Holder and/or the Obama Department of Justice in a bad light. In the interview, Cornyn as good as admitted his amendment was a publicity stunt designed to “keep the heat on” Holder and the DOJ. Host Greta Van Susteren let his remark go by without comment.

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Reported by Ellen at 2:39 AM

October 14, 2011

Documents Contradict Darrell Issa’s Fast And Furious Claims. Will Fox News Call Back Its Body Language Expert To Ask If He Deceived?

Earlier in the week, Bill O’Reilly trotted out his resident “body language expert,” Tonya Reiman, to analyze Attorney General Eric Holder’s gestures when he testified to Congress to suggest he lied determine whether or not he lied about when he learned about the botched gunrunning sting operation called Fast and Furious run by the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) division. At the time, I suggested (albeit sarcastically) that given Issa’s record of hyper-partisanship, multiple arrests and even an accusation of arson by a former business colleague, his body language might have been worth analyzing, too. A new report by TPMMuckraker makes the case for doubting Issa even more compelling as it notes that despite his previous denials, documentation has come forward to show that he was briefed on the details of Fast and Furious and did not object. In other words, the same charges Issa is throwing at Holder might well stick to himself. Will “fair and balanced” Fox News investigate this with the same aggressiveness they’ve shown toward Holder? Don’t hold your breath.

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Reported by Ellen at 2:30 PM

October 13, 2011

Greta Van Susteren Interviews Darrell Issa About Holder Subpoena

Other than the fact that she didn't confront Issa on his hyper-partisanship, I thought Greta Van Susteren's interview was pretty fair. What do you guys think?

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Reported by Ellen at 10:48 PM

Bill O’Reilly Enlists His Resident “Body Language Expert” To “Prove” Eric Holder Lied To Congress

Apparently lacking any real news with which to further the Eric Holder witch hunt last night (10/12/11), Bill O’Reilly seized on his regular “body language expert” Tonya Reiman to analyze Holder’s gestures during his Congressional testimony for evidence that he lied. Why wait for real evidence when you can cook it up? Which is not to say that Reiman did so but she’s hardly a legitimate authority on the complicated questions of the Fast and Furious investigation and/or the DOJ’s oversight (or lack thereof) of the program or even as to whether Holder told the truth when he said he had only heard of the program a few weeks before testifying. Plus, Reiman has a knack for telling O’Reilly what he wants to hear. So it was no shock that she concluded Holder was holding back information in his testimony. She never pointed out that holding back information has nothing to do with whether or not he was truthful. O’Reilly, of course, took that as validation of his suspicions – and Reiman let him think so. This, Ladies and Gentlemen is the kind of McCarthyism that passes for news analysis in 2011 America.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:54 PM
Megyn Kelly: I Am Not A Racist, reported by Ellen,