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Culture War

December 13, 2011

Steve Doocy & Hate Group Member Advance War On Christians/Christmas Memes

The newest "outrage" to hit the church of the perpetually outraged Christians is the eviction of a group of Christmas carolers from a Silver Spring Maryland Post Office. Always eager to provide a pulpit for the outrage, Fox & Friends hosted JP Duffy, from the SPLC designated homophobic hate group, The Family Research Council, to talk about this egregious offense. Duffy just happened to witness the caroler toss and blogged that the incident was just another example of "militant secularists" who "team up with federal bureaucrats in the effort to sterilize the public square of anything remotely connected to anything religious." This is obviously in keeping with the faux, Fox "war on Christmas." So it was no surprise to see Duffy getting a warm welcome from Christian/Christmas warrior Steve Doocy on this morning's Fox & Friends.

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Reported by Priscilla at 7:33 PM

December 12, 2011

Martha MacCallum Thinks "Somebody Up There" Likes Tim Tebow?

The Fox Tim Tebow worship has made its way from Fox "opinion" shows like Fox & Friends (Here, Here, and Here) and The Five to the realm of official Fox News. Today, alleged Fox "news" host Martha MacCallum showed that she, too, is hot for Tim Tebow. (Move over Father Jonathan Morris, you've got some serious competition!). MacCallum couldn't contain her enthusiasm about the Timster during her interview with sports columnist Pat Forde who thinks Tebow is awesome. MacCallum said, about Tebow's end game successes, that "it is always that final minute thing that allows him to pull it out which makes people say 'well, I guess somebody up there likes him,' right?" When Forde said that Tebow's good deeds, off the field, shows that he "walks the walk" of his faith, MacCallum worked in the requisite poor, persecuted Tebow meme in saying that Tebow "caught a lot of flack" for his religiosity. Forde said that Tebow "doesn't use his religion as a weapon but as a tool." ROFLMAO, not like Fox News which uses Christianity as a great big cudgel with which to bash those who are not followers of the one, true, Fox faith. The Spanish Inquisition would have loved Fox "News." Now, go in peace, thanks be to Tim Tebow.

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Reported by Priscilla at 2:53 PM

The Five Fights The Phony War On Christmas With Rank Hypocrisy

It was Bully Boy Bolling setting the rules of engagement in the latest clash in the Fox “News” Phony War On Christmas. While Friday’s edition of The Five’s displayed all the usual hypocrisy of that show, this particular segment doubled down on the double standards. You’ve just got to love how Bolling opened the discussion: “In case you didn’t know, there’s a War on Christmas…,” as if there are still Fox “News” viewers who may not have been awake the first seven million times [exaggerated for effect, but just barely] it was covered on Fox “News” this season, “…and there’s one big battle going on between the Lone Star State and the Cheeseheads, the Wisconsin Atheists from the ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’ are at it again. This time they are trying to get a town in Texas to remove a nativity scene from the lawn of the county courthouse. But that Christmas display isn’t coming down until—quote—Hell freezes over, according to the county commissioner.” Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 8:41 AM

Fox News, God, And Tim Tebow - Aunty Em Writes To The Five

An open letter to the Fox personalities on The Five: Your show continues to be a disappointment. I’ve previously explained why I think The Five is not just the worse show on Fox “News” (which is saying something since your network also airs the egregious “Red Eye”), but one of the worst tee vee shows since “My Mother The Car.” Since its launch, The Five just gets worse and worse. Lately it’s been driving me crazy that The Five has almost become a FACT FREE ZONE. F’rinstance, on many days Eric Bolling might push out a statistic, which Bob Beckel will challenge and take issue with, or vice versa. Eventually, the conversation devolves into, “I’m right, you’re wrong,” from both sides, until a producer finally has someone move the conversation along. What’s missing for the viewers [Remember the viewers? You’re doing The Five for the viewers, not just the paycheck] is any fact-checking whatsoever. The viewers never learn who is right; just that both know the other is wrong. However, it’s when The Five takes up religious issues, like the new Phony War On Tim Tebow, that you Five lose all focus. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 5:14 AM

December 11, 2011

Fox & Friends Fires Shots On Boca Raton In War On Christmas

There's a war on Christmas happening and Fox & Friends is bringing it. Jesus' generals on the curvy couch, acting on orders from the Fox war room, have their metaphorical gun sights (comple with appropriate bible verses) on Boca Raton, Florida, because the mayor has decided that the city will not be displaying Christmas trees and Menorahs on public property because of the threat of lawsuits and accompanying public attention. Upon hearing this news, Fox & Friends got themselves all locked and loaded. On Friday, Santa Jesus' little weekday elves reported on this newest transgression which prompted Christmas queen Gretchen Carlson to predict that eventually the secular police will be demanding that she remove any vestige of Christmas from her home. Yesterday, the assault continued with a more detailed report about this assault on Christmas by the forces of darkness against which Fox is waging a perpetual war. (Rather Orwellian?) But here's the thing. The problem in Boca didn't stem from evil Baby Jesus hating atheist/commie/pinkos. Rather it seems to have originated with The Christian Coalition, the anti-Semitic Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, and an evangelical local pastor who complained about how the city's display of Menorahs, without accompanying Nativity scenes, was discriminatory to Christians. You didn't hear about that on Fox & Friends.

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Reported by Priscilla at 11:53 AM
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