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October 21, 2011

You Know Marco Rubio's In Trouble When...

...A post about Rubio having "embellished" the truth about his family's emigration from Cuba is the top story on Fox Nation. Of course, there are two refutations immediately underneath it. UPDATED with more trouble for Rubio.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:06 AM

February 20, 2009

After comparing Obama To Castro And Kim Jong Il, Hannity Complains About Rev. Wright Being Too Divisive

Sean Hannity's hypocrisy was extra blatant last night (2/19/09) as first he compared President Barack Obama to Kim Jong Il of North Korea and Che Guevara, complained that a Barnes & Noble with a video display of Obama in its window was like something you'd see in Cuba or North Korea and then, minutes later, had the nerve to attack Barack Obama for “sitting in a church for 20 years” while Jeremiah Wright was too critical of America. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:23 AM

July 1, 2008

Fox's Eric Bolling Repeats (For the Third Time in Four Shows) Retracted Lie About China Drilling Off the Coast of Cuba

Eric - the oil trader - Bolling of the Fox "Business Network" was on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (July 1, 2008) and dang if he didn't repeat the debunked China-is-drilling-off-the-coast-of-Cuba lie (background here) that he told two times last week:

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Reported by Melanie at 8:49 PM

June 27, 2008

Fox's Eric Bolling Tells Retracted Cheney Lie About China for the Second Time in 48 Hours

We know the drill. Dick Cheney or someone from the Heritage Foundation or the Weekly Standard tells a lie and then meekly retracts it but their minions like Fox News repeat it until it becomes part of the lexicon. Such is the case with the China-is-drilling-off-the-coast-of-Cuba lie that Dick told more than two weeks ago. Background here, here, and here.

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Reported by Melanie at 7:31 PM

June 16, 2008

Fox Contributor Phil Flynn Repeats Debunked Cheney Lie About China Drilling Off the Coast of Florida

Last Wednesday, speaking before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Dick Cheney said, "George Will pointed out in his column the other day that oil is being drilled right now 60 miles off the coast of Florida. But we’re not doing it, the Chinese are, in cooperation with the Cuban government."

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Reported by Melanie at 6:49 PM
FOX News reports "Elian a commie", reported by Chrish,