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August 3, 2009

Juan Williams Slams Beck’s Accusation That Obama Is A Racist: “I Was Just Stunned By That”

Juan Williams was a guest on C-Span’s In Depth program yesterday (8/2/09). During the three-hour interview, Williams was repeatedly challenged about the racism and divisiveness on Fox. Mostly, he praised his colleagues, which was to be expected. But when asked about Glenn Beck’s recent accusation that President Barack Obama is a racist, Williams didn’t hold back. “I was just stunned by that… I don’t understand it… I think in that situation, people are just saying things to stir the pot or to create an audience for themselves, ‘cause I don’t see it. There’s no reality to that.” With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 9:28 AM

March 16, 2007

John Gibson Calls Valerie Plame " Spy Babe"

During a serious discussion about Valerie Plame's congressional testimony, John Gibson destroyed his credibility with one of his full screen tabloid posters reading " Spy Babe Tells All" and the question " Still Keeping Secrets?" Byron York, seriously focused on discrediting Plame should have been embarassed by Gibson's sophmoric interruption right in the middle of his earnest efforts to spin her testimony. 3/16/07

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Reported by Deborah at 11:14 PM

January 27, 2007

This Is What Democracy Looks Like In D.C. Today And FOX Has Started Attacking Already

A massive throng of American patriots are now marching from the Mall in Washington D.C to the Pentagon to protest the esclation of the war in Iraq. C-Span coverage of the opening speeches showed masses of peaceful Americans as far as the eye can see. News Hound Janie is among them and will bring back photos to share. Chances are FOX News won't be covering the event objectively but we can count on the usual smears of the actors leading the march, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Jane Fonda. In fact, FOX has already started an attack of Jane Fonda. 1/27/07

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Reported by Deborah at 2:34 PM

March 12, 2006

Olbermann on O'Reilly, FOX, and flying monkeys

”(Rupert Murdoch's) covey of flying monkeys do something journalistically atrocious every hour of the day.”

OK, it's two years old but it still applies and it's still hilarious. Olbermann was interviewed by Brian Lamb on CSPAN's Q&A today and had this to say about FOX and Bill O'Reilly:

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December 2, 2005

Looks Like Fox Isn't The Only Unbalanced Network

If you suspected that the CSPAN show Washington Journal tilted to the right, you were correct. Despite the poker straight expressions and the three phone lines for Democrats, Republicans and Independants, a recent study shows that Washington Journal is far less balanced than they claim. 12/2/05

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