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Christian Crusade

December 13, 2011

Steve Doocy & Hate Group Member Advance War On Christians/Christmas Memes

The newest "outrage" to hit the church of the perpetually outraged Christians is the eviction of a group of Christmas carolers from a Silver Spring Maryland Post Office. Always eager to provide a pulpit for the outrage, Fox & Friends hosted JP Duffy, from the SPLC designated homophobic hate group, The Family Research Council, to talk about this egregious offense. Duffy just happened to witness the caroler toss and blogged that the incident was just another example of "militant secularists" who "team up with federal bureaucrats in the effort to sterilize the public square of anything remotely connected to anything religious." This is obviously in keeping with the faux, Fox "war on Christmas." So it was no surprise to see Duffy getting a warm welcome from Christian/Christmas warrior Steve Doocy on this morning's Fox & Friends.

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Reported by Priscilla at 7:33 PM

On Fox & Friends: Walter Reed Bible Ban Overturned, Obama Still Trashed

For whatever reason, Walter Reed Hospital recently banned visitors from bringing in bibles and other religious material. Not surprisingly, the Christian right erupted into a furor. Iowa GOP representative and Catholic Steve King, who says that marriage equality is just like desecrating the Eucharist and that gay rights will lead to children raised in warehouses, denounced the move on the floor of the House. The policy was overturned; but Rep. King is still pissed and says that Walter Reed has some splaining to do and that whoever issued it should be fired. Naturally, Fox & Friends, the home for persecuted Christians who, in this case, aren't being persecuted, provided King with some warm Christian validation and an opportunity to trash Obama.

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Reported by Priscilla at 4:08 PM

Mike Huckabee Lies About "Plan" B While Pimping Anti-Abortion Movie

As the mouthpiece for the rabid political right, it's not surprising that Fox News is America's pro-life newsroom. You won't see Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood on Fox; but you will see Fox hosts and guests who hate women's reproductive freedom. Fox can be proud of how its top rated Bill O'Reilly contributed to a climate of fear and hatred in which abortion doctor, George Tiller, was assassinated. Bill also did his pro-life duty in presenting a parade of guests who support congressional attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. But while Bill and the other Fox pundits don't seem to, outside Fox, take an anti-abortion activist role, there is one Fox pundit who does and that's Mike Huckabee. He's up to his eyeballs with the "pro-family" anti-women's reproductive rights crowd that wants to provide "personhood" rights from the moment of conception. Mike, who "proudly stands" with homophobic and anti-Islamic hate group leader Bryon Fischer of the American Family Association, lauded the failed Mississippi personhood initiative. And now, he's promoting an anti-abortion rights movie for whih he provides an introduction. In a shameless act of self-promotion and anti-choice activism, Huckabee used his latest show to pimp the movie while telling a shamelss lie about the emergency contraception "Plan B." If Fox viewers are misinformed, this is why.

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Reported by Priscilla at 3:16 PM

Bill O’Reilly Wishes Barbara Walters “Happy Holidays”

Has Bill O’Reilly been brainwashed by the evil secular progressive Christmas ruiners? How else to explain his closing a discussion with Walters last night by wishing her “Happy holidays?” It’s true that Walters is Jewish but, as she said in a December, 2006 Washington Post article, she’s not religious. In fact, in that same article, Walters said she had a Christmas tree. Besides, why should Walters’ religion stop O’Reilly from wishing her a Merry Christmas? He certainly doesn’t care when it’s school children who don't celebrate Christmas. After all, he explained, it’s a federal holiday! That’s why I can only conclude that O’Reilly has been captured by SP aliens and brainwashed. Either that, or his whole War on Christmas crusade is a load of BS.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:00 AM

December 12, 2011

Martha MacCallum Thinks "Somebody Up There" Likes Tim Tebow?

The Fox Tim Tebow worship has made its way from Fox "opinion" shows like Fox & Friends (Here, Here, and Here) and The Five to the realm of official Fox News. Today, alleged Fox "news" host Martha MacCallum showed that she, too, is hot for Tim Tebow. (Move over Father Jonathan Morris, you've got some serious competition!). MacCallum couldn't contain her enthusiasm about the Timster during her interview with sports columnist Pat Forde who thinks Tebow is awesome. MacCallum said, about Tebow's end game successes, that "it is always that final minute thing that allows him to pull it out which makes people say 'well, I guess somebody up there likes him,' right?" When Forde said that Tebow's good deeds, off the field, shows that he "walks the walk" of his faith, MacCallum worked in the requisite poor, persecuted Tebow meme in saying that Tebow "caught a lot of flack" for his religiosity. Forde said that Tebow "doesn't use his religion as a weapon but as a tool." ROFLMAO, not like Fox News which uses Christianity as a great big cudgel with which to bash those who are not followers of the one, true, Fox faith. The Spanish Inquisition would have loved Fox "News." Now, go in peace, thanks be to Tim Tebow.

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Reported by Priscilla at 2:53 PM
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