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CBS News

October 7, 2011

Bill O’Reilly Tries To Enlist CBS Reporter In The Eric Holder Witch Hunt

I’m not sure why CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson agreed to appear on The O’Reilly Factor last night as it was clear she was on to Bill O’Reilly’s repeated attempts to use her reporting on the “Fast and Furious” scandal to further the Fox News witch hunt against Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. Atkisson very adeptly side-stepped each of O’Reilly’s efforts and she demurred from answering a lot of his questions.

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Reported by Ellen at 8:35 PM

October 4, 2011

In Honor Of His Retirement, Fox News Trashes 92 Year-Old Andy Rooney

92 year-old Andy Rooney signed off from CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday – and Fox News covered it by taking potshots at him. Bernard Goldberg appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and told an unflattering anecdote about Rooney in which he supposedly acknowledged liberal bias in the media and then supposedly caved to corporate pressure and walked it back. FoxNews.com called the segment, “Was Andy Rooney Good For America?” Why would you ask such a question if not to raise doubt? And why would anyone feel the need to cast doubt on a guy like Rooney – who, after all, was not particularly controversial – except out of maliciousness?

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Reported by Ellen at 4:23 PM

June 19, 2011

Fox News Tweet(s) Du Jour – One Fox Nation Under God

As News Hounds has reported many times in the past, the Fox Nation web site can, at times, be even more unfair and unbalanced than the Fox News Channel, if that’s even possible. Today the Twitter feed @FoxNation pumped out three gems that are well worth examining in detail.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 10:01 PM

June 3, 2011

Isn't It Time Sen. Bernie Sanders Was On One Of The Sunday Shows Again?

Our friends at Brave New Films have a new action - working to get Sen. Bernie Sanders booked on the Sunday talk shows. Producer Robert Greenwald notes that while Sanders' last appearance on one of the Sunday morning shows was last year, Sen. John McCain has already appeared 10 times, Sen. Lindsey Graham six times and Sen. Joe Lieberman five times this year.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:06 AM

May 18, 2011

Glenn Beck and Narcissus: Separated At Birth

We all know the Greek myth of Narcissus, a man so in love with himself that he starved to death rather than pull away from his own reflection in a pool of water. However many people forget that it was Nemesis, the divine spirit of retribution against people who succumb to hubris, who led Narcissus to that pool. Fox News religious commentator Glenn Beck could sell his hubris by the ounce, just like gold (or dope), and still have enough left over to cover both Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity in perpetuity. With his big announcement this week of his “Restoring Courage” rally in Jerusalem this August he cranked the hubris dial up to 11. One can only hope that Nemesis is watching.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 1:02 PM
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