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Capital Punishment

September 22, 2011

Fox News Too Busy With Its GOP/Obama-Bashing Agenda To Cover Troy Davis Execution

As many know, Georgia prisoner Troy Davis was executed last night after an 11th hour request to the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay was denied. Davis’ execution was controversial because, as CBS News reported, "Hundreds of thousands of people signed petitions on Davis' behalf, and prominent supporters included an ex-president and an ex-FBI director, liberals and conservatives. His attorneys said seven of nine key witnesses against him disputed all or parts of their testimony, but state and federal judges repeatedly ruled against him -- three times on Wednesday alone." So how did “we report, you decide” and “fair and balanced” Fox News cover this last night? Barely. In three hours of prime time that included The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and On The Record, there were only two brief reports on it*. Segregation-apologist Ainsley Earhardt didn’t even mention it in her news break during On The Record.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:16 PM

September 21, 2011

FoxNews.com Readers' Racist Bloodlust For Troy Davis Execution

To be fair, there were several comments opposing the execution, but if you were wondering about the people cheering for death at recent Republican debates, here they are. The comments include cheerleading for the KKK (a white supremacist was executed in Texas earlier today), calling for champagne to celebrate Davis' death and complaining that he got "special rights" because he was black. And why do FoxNews.com moderators allow "nappybegone2012" as a user name?

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Reported by Ellen at 11:46 PM

July 6, 2011

Is Bill O’Reilly Thinking Of Ambushing Casey Anthony Jury Members?

Bill O’Reilly was not only outraged about all those “not guilty” verdicts in the Casey Anthony trial yesterday (7/5/11), he thinks the jury has some ‘splaining to do. Throughout The O’Reilly Factor last night, O’Reilly repeatedly announced his desire to discuss the verdict with the jurors and made clear his disgust that they have chosen not to talk to the press. As he said in one of the segments, “I want to talk to those people about this kind of stuff and I want them to explain why they let this woman go when there’s a two year-old dead, there’s no other explanation… and they convicted her of lying… about… where she was. Come on! …I’m just really, really troubled by this thing… I want to hear ‘em explain.”

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Reported by Ellen at 3:31 AM

November 16, 2010

Yes, Greg Gutfeld, You Are A Jerk!

In a rare moment of self realization, former altar boy Greg Gutfeld admitted that he is "probably a jerk." Given his subsequent "Greg-alogue," the adverb in the preceeding sentence seems extraneous. Gutfeld articulated his support for the Texas execution of a criminal whose request for DNA testing was denied and whose DNA was, subsequently, not found on the piece of hair that was the sole physical evidence used as the basis for the conviction. According to Greg, the convicted man had been involved in other crimes and was generally a bad guy who deserved to die even though it appears that DNA testing, at the time of the trial, might have exonerated him. The Claude Jones case is another example, used by the "Innocence Project," to support their mission to change death penalty laws. Barry Scheck, the founder of this group, has said "while some may say this case "isn't the holy grail" to show Jones definitely was innocent, I think that in and of itself is pretty significant, and only a cynical view would say this is not important, this doesn't matter." But you didn't hear any of that in the "Greg-alogue" which, like other Fox "opinion" shows, needs to keep it short and simple. Funny, I think that the Catholic Church is not exactly a fan of the death penalty. Maybe Greg should talk to his priest pal, Father Jonathan Morris who once wrote that "It would follow that if a human person’s intrinsic value, in spite of his greater or lesser moral value, is so precious — inestimable — no government should use it as a commodity of retribution, and certainly not as a mere tool for deterrence... All this said, I’ve got a hunch we still like the death sentence in America because it makes us feel good. Revenge is sweet." And yes, Greg Gutfeld, who obviously doesn't care about possible wrongful executions and feels good about this execution, is totally a jerk!

Reported by Priscilla at 11:55 AM

February 14, 2010

Fox Nation Valentines For Bill Clinton - Hoping He Dies

A post at "civil," "tolerant" Fox Nation purports to wish Bill Clinton best wishes for recovery. But the comments allowed by the moderator tell an entirely different story, wishing for his death and more. (H/T Haggis Farmer) Screen grabs after the jump.

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Reported by Ellen at 6:31 PM
Hang 'Em High! It's Good for the Economy!, reported by Marie Therese,