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America's Newsroom

November 11, 2011

Bill Hemmer Ramps Up The Fox News Witch Hunt Against Eric Holder By "Asking" If He Committed Treason

Rather than doing any research or investigation, Fox News' "objective" host Bill Hemmer read a viewer's inflammatory question asking if Attorney General Eric Holder has committed treason - and then turned to the Republican guest for an answer. (H/T Aunty Em and Media Matters)

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Reported by Ellen at 3:35 PM

November 10, 2011

Bill Hemmer Thinks Rep. Joe Walsh's Freak Out Was Awesome?

As I reported yesterday, GOP Rep. and "deadbeat dad" Joe Walsh freaked out during a casual get together ("cup of Joe") with his constituents at a bar and grill. Now that this video has gone viral and has been featured on other networks, Joe is making appearances on Fox News so that he can joke about how his inappropriate behavior was the result of not having eaten. He was on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday and he and Neil joked about how Walsh should drink de-caf coffee. And today, he and alleged "news" host, Bill Hemmer, had lots of laughs about Walsh's bizarre and offensive treatment of his constituents. And in the process, Walsh got to clarify GOP talking points without interruptions from those troublemaking (that's how Fox Nation described them!) constituents. It was Republican rehab at its finest.

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Reported by Priscilla at 1:06 PM

November 4, 2011

Bill Hemmer Say Congressional Prayer Caucus Is Awesome

"God" is very important to the GOP right. Who cares about unemployment, cuts to education/police/fire personnel due to budget constraints, a widening income inequality, foreclosures. There are more important priorities. Congress had to take and make the time to reaffirm America's godly motto "In God We Trust," as a result of a congressional vote taken earlier this week. Yesterday, alleged Fox "news" anchor, Bill Hemmer, positively gushed Fox News Christian anchor fellowship (cept for Chris Wallace and Greta are there any other kinds of Fox anchors?) with Congressiona GOP Rep. Tom Price, a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. Price was there to defend God's BFF's from the anti-God president who, in the words of the Fox video title, "mocked" the congress for voting for the motto resolution when they should be focused on jobs and the economy. Hemmer did his trademark glowing smile as he lobbed softballs and let Price promote the newest right wing meme.

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Reported by Priscilla at 11:52 AM

November 3, 2011

Georgia Terrorism Suspect Allegedly Found Inspiration In Fox News Expert’s Novel

You may have read about four men arrested in Georgia Tuesday for what the New York Times described as a domestic terror plot involving guns, bombs and the toxin ricin, all aimed at killing federal and state officials and spreading terror. Yesterday (11/2/11), Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie reported on the case for America’s Newsroom and noted in his report that one of the defendants “allegedly cited the online novel, Absolved, which discusses small groups of citizens attacking U.S. officials. Apparently, this defendant… allegedly saying that these attacks would be based on events in that novel.” But what Serrie and host Martha MacCallum didn’t mention is that the author of Absolved is a Fox News expert.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:19 AM

October 18, 2011

Martha MacCallum Says Hormone Therapy For Gender Confused Boy Is Child Abuse?

More than other mainstream news outlets, Fox News seems quite obsessed with the boy whose parents are allowing him to have hormone therapy in order to delay puberty due to gender confusion issues. The Fox News website had this story as a lede on their website. It is also on Fox Nation where the comments are the usual spew of vile homophobia. And today, on America's Newsroom, Martha MacCallum provided hers and the Fox unofficial take on the issue during her interview with two doctors, one of whom was, drum roll please, the notorious transphobic Fox "Medical A Team" member, Dr. Keith Ablow. Neither Ablow nor the other doctor were able to say much as most of the time was spent with Martha whining about this doesn't seem like a good thing. And she echoed the sentiments of the crude Fox Nation denizens when she suggested that this therapy could even be child abuse; but because she's far more sophisticated than the Fox Nations sewer dwellers, she was able to subtly infer rather than overtly state. But the propaganda message, that these lesbians are bad parents, was still loud and clear.

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Reported by Priscilla at 3:43 PM
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