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Alan Colmes on the Radio

June 16, 2011

Alan Colmes Gets It Right On Weiner Resignation

Thank goodness Alan Colmes just proved me wrong when I predicted that most Fox News Democrats would be joining Fox News in kicking Rep. Anthony Weiner out the door. Well, maybe most will but Colmes did a terrific job pushing back not just on the “need” for the resignation itself but the ridiculous Republican meme that the GOP quickly removes any of their transgressors. Note how vehemently supposedly objective host Bill Hemmer just happens to echo the GOP talking points.

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Reported by Ellen at 1:28 PM

April 17, 2011

Judge Jeanine Pirro Blind To The Overwhelming Evidence About President Obama’s Birth Certificate

It’s bad enough that a slew of Fox News pundits have disingenuously thrown themselves in with Donald Trump’s completely, utterly and unequivocally debunked conspiracy theory about President Obama’s birth certificate. But Pirro is there, according to Fox News, to present “her legal insights on the news of the week, current high profile cases, as well as recent issues and trends in the world of crime and justice.” One would think it goes without saying that a former judge and district attorney who hosts a show called “Justice with Judge Jeanine” would rise above the political fray, recognize credible evidence and have the gumption to stand up for truth. But, sadly, for at least the second time in two weeks, Pirro turned a blind eye to the mountain of evidence against Trump’s “controversies.” The only real unanswered questions are whether Pirro did so deliberately or out of shocking ineptitude. The other question is, of course, why Fox News has allowed her to continue that misinforming, misleading course.

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Reported by Ellen at 9:10 PM

April 12, 2011

O'Reilly's Fact-Checking Of Obama Myths Just Happens To Raise More Suspicions

Bill O'Reilly may have meant well when he devoted his Talking Points segment tonight to separating fact from fiction in Obama rumors. But it just so happened that nearly all the rumors he cited about information Obama has not produced were true. O'Reilly even erroneously said that Obama had not produced his birth certificate - which Alan Colmes later corrected. Meanwhile, rather than forcefully debunk the resurgance of birtherism that has has broken out all over Fox News, the other guest, Monica Crowley, used it to Swift Boat Obama as somehow un-American. For the record, this is exactly what I've been predicting. Crowley also seized on the unanswered questions to suggest that there's something we need to know about the shadowy Obama. Inadvertently or not, O'Reilly's long list of unanswered questions about Obama (most of which, by the way, I've not heard raised) just happened to reinforce Crowley's point.

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Reported by Ellen at 11:58 PM

February 27, 2011

Alan Colmes Explains Why Rumsfeld – And Also Bush, Cheney, Rice And Powell Owe The American People An Apology For Going To War Under False Pretenses

Alan Colmes’ passionate and compelling condemnation of the Bush administration’s war on Iraq might not be so remarkable on MSNBC but on Fox News, it’s applause-worthy. He left Megyn Kelly’s defense of Rumsfeld in the dust. Why, oh why can’t the so-called “Democratic strategists” ever tell it like this?

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Reported by Ellen at 2:41 PM

February 2, 2011

O’Reilly Loses It As Alan Colmes Stands Up To His “The Left Is Anti-American” Rhetoric On Fox News

Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley were in fine patriotic form last night (2/1/11) as they “proved” conclusively how much they love America by dishing out a segment full of hate and scorn toward their fellow Americans. The targets this time were Sam Donaldson, who had the nerve to praise Al Jazeera for its coverage of the Egypt uprising, and “the far left,” because – well, just because. Bravo to Alan Colmes for clearly and unequivocally pushing back and telling his sister-in-law Crowley that calling the left “anti-American” was “disgusting” and “sickening.” Shortly thereafter, O’Reilly blew his top.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:24 AM
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