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Fox’s Jonathan Hoenig: Unions Have Crushed Every Industry

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 14, 2011 -

By Brian

On Saturday's Cashin’ In (11/12/11), the topic was Apple training their workers on how to deal with unions. Host Cheryl Casone asked liberal Sally Kohn, "Working at Apple, I mean, is your physical safety threatened? I mean, is that really the right place for a union to be?"

Kohn answered, "Let's be clear, that’s not the only reason we have unions in this country. We have unions because they set all kinds of working standards. Wage standards, benefit standards… unions like corporations to be profitable. What they want is for some of that profit, some of those benefits to also be enjoyed by the workers who created those profits… We've seen productivity rise and rise steadily, we’ve seen CEO salaries and profits rise and rise, and yet the wages for working people have been stagnant. What is wrong with wanting working people at Apple to get paid better?"

Casone said, "You can make the argument that in some companies, unions have actually been destructive to profits, not all but some."

Regular Jonathan Hoenig broke in. "SOME companies? SOME? Cheryl, unions have destroyed every company in which they've been intimately involved, every industry. Whether it's the auto industry, whether it’s the airlines, I mean, the history very much speaks for itself… Apple would be foolish in my opinion to hire any union, to negotiate with any union. They have crushed every industry."

Kohn argued back, “Did workers or did workers not help Apple become successful?

“How?” Koenig demanded to know.

“Weren’t they working there?” Kohn said.

Apparently unable to answer that, Koenig said that workers “line up to work there, Sally, that’s the whole point.”

In fact, research shows that unions benefit the whole economy. Hoenig isn’t called the “Capitalist Pig” for nothing.

Video via Media Matters.

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