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Peter Johnson Claims Occupy Movement Is Unacceptable

Reported by Aunty Em - November 5, 2011 -

The “Fear and Balanced Network,” aka The Fox “News” Channel, seems happiest when its personalities are able to instill fear in its audience. Among the Fear and Balanced things you should fear include, but are not limited to, Muslims; labor unions; The Phony Wars on Christmas and Halloween; Immigrants, especially the undocumented kind; creeping Socialism; creeping Sharia Law; the creeping President of the United States of ‘Merka; and Black ‘Merkins in general that are neither president, nor Herman Cain. However, judging by the sheer amount of airtime devoted to it in such a short period of time—not to mention the over-the-top demagoguery—the thing Fox “News” wants its viewers to fear the most these days is the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Seeming to be leading the Fox pitchfork crowd are Eric Bolling and Peter Johnson, Jr., both of whom go farther in their condemnation of OWS than other Fox “News” readers. Therefore, it was a glorious two-fer Friday when Eric Bolling (filling in on Fox and Friends for one of the blonde Foxy Friends) hosted the Knight of Malta, Peter Johnston, Jr.

I find Peter Johnson, Jr. one of the more insidious propagandists on the Fox Propaganda “News” network. I’ve called him an avuncular bigot. One of my Tweeps, @eyesonfoxorg, (who runs Eyes On Fox, a web site mining the same vein of mendacious ore as News Hounds) came up with the classic description of Johnson as “the face of hard line #TeaParty, #GOP intolerance hiding behind an Opie Taylor mask.” He’s so low-key and unassuming—like everybody’s favorite cuddly uncle—yet he says the most outrageously offensive things. What’s got Peetie so hot under the collar this time? Why, those dirty, evil Occupy people just aren’t following the script of what constitutes a purely ‘Merkin protest, one that isn’t being secretly backed by Socialists and Communists and Anarchists. Oh my! Watch:

Obviously, [Occupy] Oakland proves that, in fact, they are—The General Strike, which is outlawed by the Taft-Harley Act of the United States, is really the calling card of anarchists, uhh, Socialists, um, and the most extreme part of American and, and, and world labor.

Notice the sly deception? The Taft-Hartley Labor Act of 1947 applies only to labor unions and employers, not a protest movement arising from the grassroots. Two side notes, which demonstrate the added irony in bringing up the Taft-Hartley Act: 1). The Taft-Hartley Act was partly a product of the McCarthyism and Red Hunting Hysteria™ of its day, the very same tactic currently being applied to OWS. In one of its most controversial clauses “The act also required union leaders to take an oath stating that they were not communists;” 2). The Act was one of the first pieces of legislation to attempt to prohibit campaign contributions from both unions and corporations, which seems a quaint notion following the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision.

However, one must marvel at how in approximately 30 words Junior compared OWS to anarchists, Socialists, the most extreme parts of ‘Merka and the dreaded concept of world labor, whatever the hell that is. But, he’s prepared to go even further.

We’ve seen this before. We saw it in 1946 in Oakland. We saw it in 1919 back in Seattle after the um, uhh, uhh, uhh, Sacco and Vanzetti, the anarchists, came to light. We saw it in France, in 1968, in May of 1968, a General Strike > [cue the B-Roll of French rioters] > brought France to its knees: 11 million workers stopped working. So this is “Social Revolution of the World!” This is “end Capitalism!” This is incredible where you say, “We’re gonna blockade the 5th largest port in the United States” and say that it’s acceptable—that it’s an acceptable act to block a port. This is not a strike. I’m okay with strikes. If someone wants to strike their workplace that’s fine, but blocking the port?

Did the original Tea Party block a port, or just fill it with tea? No matter. At this point Bolling thought it would be instructive to put up a graphic detailing the “Economic Impact” of the Occupy movement so far. It was labeled as coming from the “Fox ‘News’ Brainroom,” so it can probably be safely ignored. Peter Johnson obviously agrees because he said, “I don’t believe those numbers!” He seemed to think the Fox Brainroom was being…err…conservative. “That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

At that point Junior rattled off an inspiring speech all about ‘Merkin values, which reminded me of those rousing speeches Oliver Wendell Douglas would often give on “Green Acres.” Remember? The longer he spoke, and the more animated he got, the louder the patriotic music would swell in the background. It would get so loud the other characters in the show would remark on it, breaking the 4th wall. While Peter Johnson Jr. didn’t bring any music, Bolling was still singing with the choir. Bully Boy wrapped up the interview thusly, “How about occupy a job? How about occupy reality for a minute? Thank you very much, Peter.”

The reality that Bolling refuses to occupy is that the OWS movement scares the bejesus out of him, Johnston, Fox “News” and all its on-air personalities and they won’t be happy until their viewers are as frightened as they are.