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Bill O'Reilly Enlists Deepak Chopra In War On Richard Dawkins & Continues Claim That Jesus Guided Evolution

Reported by Priscilla - November 3, 2011 -

The Christian right hate atheists. As the mouthpiece of the Christian right, the "fair & balanced" Fox "News" network provides a platform for denigration of atheists at every opportunity. While most of this Christian propaganda is seen on "Fox & Friends," Bill O'Reilly has been advancing the meme lately. Recently, he did a second interview with atheist Richard Dawkins. In Bill's mind, he totally smacked down what he felt was Dawkin's belief that believers are idiots. This was shown to be true, in that some of Bill's fellow believers were just so upset about Dawkins' comments on "The Factor" that they cancelled his scheduled speech at a Michigan country club. Bill must have felt that his culture war victory against evil atheism needed validation and reinforcement. Thus, he interviewed the popular Indian doctor, author, and metaphysical thinker Deepak Chopra who wraps "Eastern mystique in credible Western garb." Bill could have talked to Chopra about his new book; but instead he and Chopra (no fan of Dawkins) proceeded to use the time to bash Dawkins and proclaim Bill's devout Christianity; although one wonders if O'Reilly, in attempting to convince his audience of his "belief," might also be attempting to convince himself. Who knows? What we do know is that "bearing false witness" is not in accordance with those Commandments that Bill O'Reilly invoked during his attack on Richard Dawkins.

At the beginning of his "unresolved problems" (or payback's a bitch) segment, O'Reilly's comment that there has been tension between believers and non believers was set against visual of Christian cross and Jewish star over "believers vs. non believers." (Guess the only "true" believers are Christians and Jews?). Engaging in the typical Fox agitprop tactic of defining something as controversial, he claimed that the tension "has reached a flashpoint." He showed part of his interview with atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins during which he accused Dawkins of trying to tell people they're idiots if they believe in God. Dawkins wasn't saying that; but if he were, he could use Bill as prima facie evidence given Bill's comment that Judeo-Christianity isn't based on myth. (Right Bill like there's "proof" that a Middle Eastern sky god impregnated a virgin) After he asked his guest, Deepak Chopra, if he knew Dawkins, Bill claimed that he kicked his butt which, once again, illustrates Bill's narcissistic delusions.

In an ROFLMAO moment of absolute irony, Bill said that Dawkins is "dishonest." Chopra validated Bill by saying that Dawkins "uses his scientific credentials to disguise his bigotry." Bill validated Chopra by claiming that Dawkins thinks "we're idiots." (Oh, the irony!) Bill then claimed that Dawkins' statement, that the US wasn't founded on Judeo-Christianity, is "absurd" - an absurd claim in an of itself as the country was founded on the principals of the secular Enlightenment. More absurdity in Bill's claim that our justice system was founded on the Ten Commandments. He and Chopra continued to trash atheists as being emotional and unscientific. To Bill's question of whether he believes in an "active God," Chopra spoke of the unknowability of a deity and how one needs to "listen to the heart." After having previously told Dawkins that Judeo-Christianity is not a myth, Bill said "it's a matter of faith" when Chopra recommended that people read the words of the great prophets who included Jesus. Bill again asked if Chopra believed in an "active Deity that intervenes in human nature." Chopra responded that he believed in an omniscient "source."

Things started getting strange when O'Reilly asked Chopra if he believed in miracles. After Chopra answered that we need look no further than our miraculous existence, Bill blithered about a meteorite and dinosaurs. When Chopra started to say "evolution doesn't contradict the facts" Bill interrupted him with this gem: "That's what I say, intelligent design doesn't contradict science and science hasn't been able to manufacture one human cell." (Bill told scientist Dawkins that Jesus guided evolution.) Bill said that he hopes that there is a deity and "he's a just god." Chopra asserted that his friend Stephen Hawking said that we cannot conclude that God is a delusion. (Hawking also said that there is no heaven and God is "not necessary."

Comment: Memo to Bill. Intelligent Design is not science. You might want to read about the Dover vs. Kitsmiller court case in which a judge ruled against teaching ID in the public schools because it's repackaged creationism. Even Bill's Catholic church doesn't believe in it. But too bad Bill didn't want to talk about Chopra's Jesus who is almost a Buddhist like figure. Too bad Bill didn't want to talk about Chopra's view that Satan is the creation of our own guilt. But Bill wants to believe that that there is a just (and male) god. Here's the thing, if there is a just god, she would consign him, for eternity, with a roomful of the world's most powerful women who would be well able to kick Bill's butt during the eternal debates. Or maybe he could be put into an everlasting gay bar - although you never know with Bill. He might like it!

As Bill said, the tides go in and the tides go out. As Bill showed last night, the shit goes in and the shit goes out!


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