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Gretchen Carlson Outraged That "Irresponsible" Immigrants Don't Speak English

Reported by Priscilla - October 31, 2011 -

As a patriotic Merkan, Blonde, Aryan, Fox culture warrior princess, Gretchen Carlson knows that Merka is a Christian nation from whose tongues should roll only the English language. Any attempt to accommodate those who speak other languages (read Spanish) is seen by the former Miss America as an affront to the very values that the nation and Fox "News" are based upon - values that are being destroyed by those evil "illegals" that Fox "News" is always warning us about! Thus, she's fighting mad about a Cleveland Ohio program that provides translation assistance for non English speaking parents of school children. Never mind the fact that "Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees "meaningful access" and "adequate notice" for all services, regardless of national origin, which includes native language." Never mind the fact that providing translation services can assist both the school and the parents in formulating a quality educational plan. Never mind the fact that providing translation services assist the parents in understanding decisions made by the school. Gretchen Carlson lives in a posh Connecticut community where the only non English speakers are those who tend the house, garden, and children so who cares about that. But she is mighty pissed about those furriners in Cleveland who, according to Gretch, are being so "irresponsible."

Much of the Fox & Friends morning "venom" which Roger Ailes injects into the media bloodstream involves immigrant bashing. On Wednesday, Gretchen Carlson must have made her "daddy" very proud with her adversarial take on the issue of translation services - billed as part of Fox & Friends "trouble with school" series. Right out of the box, Carlson wanted her viewers to "listen to this." She framed the issue with the question of whether this was a good idea or if money should be spent on resources for students. (Money for resources, right Gretch?) There were no happy smiles and gushing commentary during this segment which is part of the Fox & Friends "trouble with schools" series. Rather, her face and voice exuded indignance. The decidedly non brown Carlson wanted to know if her guest, a director of a Hispanic community group (read bad brown people), thought if this is a good or bad idea. (bad idea, right Gretch?) Victor Ruiz explained that this policy assists parents who are in ESL classes and this service allows them to engage in their child's education. Poor Gretch seemed appalled that the translation services will be for a variety of languages.

Gretch repeated the opening message question when she "asked" (she was really saying) if "taxpayer dollars" (Not yours, Gretch) should be used for this rather than resources for students. Her next question was the propaganda money comment framed as a question. She had her best "I-am-so-pissed look" when she framed a Fox fact as a question: "Isn't it the responsibility of people who want to move to this country to learn English as responsible parents to their children so they can be engaged with them in the classroom?" After Ruiz said that the process of learning English is difficult, Carlson provided her perspective: "I know about communities here in New York where kids are born and raised here and they never learn how to speak English because we've made it simple for them to continue to discuss and converse in the language of their parent." Ruiz said that here are waiting lists for ELS classes and that he never met a person who refuses to learn English.

Comment: So, uh, how exactly does Gretchen Carlson, who doesn't live in NY City, "know" that there are NY City kids who "never" learn how to speak English. One would assume that if she wants some ethnic food, she sends a staff person out to get it. Why would she be hanging in the hood except for obtaining pharmaceuticals? The issue is about providing assistance to parents who would be learning English faster if Gretch's right wing pals weren't so interested in cutting programs like ESL so that Gretch and her right wing pals can maintain their tax cuts. Despite what Miss English speaking America says, kids are learning English in the school despite what they speak at home. Many of these kids do grow up to be proficient in both English and another language which is something furrin to many Merkans who can barely speak their native English. I personally know a number of young Hispanics whose ability to converse in two languages has helped them professionally. I also know a number of folks who grew up in homes where their parents, who worked in manual labor, spoke Italian and Portuguese. While their parents never spoke English, the second generation did and are well represented in legal, medical, and other professional fields.

In the 19th century, those who opposed immigration were called "Know Nothings." It seems so fitting that those whose views dovetail those of the "Know Nothings" are employed by Fox News. The gang on the curvy couch give new meaning to the term!


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