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Dr. Keith Ablow's Attack On Jenna Lyons Isn't Homopobic?

Reported by Priscilla - October 30, 2011 -

As part of his personal attacks on celebrities he doesn't like (Bill Maher, Chaz Bono - here & here), Fox News' "Medical A Team" member Dr. Keith Ablow uses his medical "bona fides" to spout ridiculous speculations which, in the case of Chaz Bono and the transgender community, involved theory that is no longer accepted as mainstream. As such, he would appear to be in conflict with standards of professional ethics in his field. But this doesn't seem to be a problem for Ablow whose latest obsession about what constitutes "normal" gender roles (Boys should be manly, girls should be girly, and the transgendered are strange mutants) resulted in his trashing of J Crew creative director, Jenna Lyons, when she was seen in an internet ad happily painting her happy son's toenails. This was too much for the manly Ablow who saw this as "an example of the way our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity?" Now that Jenna Lyons is getting a divorce because, supposedly, she just might be a lesbian, Ablow is doing an "I told you so" and in so doing supposedly proves how he was right when he said, in the first Fox News article, that she was "uncomfortable" with her son's gender - an allegation he made about a lesbian couple who are dealing with a transgender child. In other words, Ablow is expressing that age old male fear of emasculation which finds a voice in the age old whine about man hating (insert "D" word plural) who are disrupting the social order and taking away the wimmins. But Ablow says that it's not about teh gay. Really?

In his recent Fox News article about Lyons, Ablow immediately reminds us that he already told us that she wasn't "just having a little harmless fun" with her son in what "Jezebel" refers to as "Toegate." He then reiterates his earlier "diagnosis" that she is uncomfortable with her son's gender" and that she was "promoting a cultural agenda at her son's expense." In what struck me as absurd and a tad creepy, he mentions how, in the photo, her son had "long and wavy hair." The boy's hairstyle was typical for a boy of that age. Does Ablow want boys to sport his "skinhead" look?

Ablow admits that he never evaluated her and claims that he's "not pretending to have any more expertise on her psyche than any other commentator." But now that he's hooked you with his malicious non-evaluation, he then gets into the juicy part about her divorce which includes a statement, as fact, that she is "romantically involved with a woman." According to other articles, this "involvement" is based on unnamed sources. He then asserts that this has nothing to do with the "value" of gay vs. straight relationships and nothing to do with his criticism of her. He then proceeds to cast doubt on his objectivity by insinuating that she has a "discomfort" with masculinity which seems to me to be code talk for some old school beliefs that woman "choose" to be gay because they hate men. He doubles down by repeating his earlier smear of Ms. Lyons by stating that she was "using" her company as a "campaign" to "change the way our kids think about their bodies and their gender identities."

Comment: Isn't it interesting that in two situations, Dr. Ablow is accusing lesbians (and in the case of Lyons, we don't know) of using what he feels is their disdain for "masculinity?" I haven't evaluated Dr. Ablow but it does appear that he's an old school traditionalist who has some deep seated fear and loathing of women who do not hold to the old school versions of what's hot and what's not. And he's entitled to his homophobic and transphobic opinions, vile and unprofessional though they are. That Fox News provides him with a platform for launching character attacks based on these views is even more vile and hardly in the spirit of "fair & balanced."


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