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It’s Muslim Vs Muslim On Fox And Friends And Muslims Lose

Reported by Aunty Em - October 29, 2011 -

The Foxy Friends at Fox and Friends shouldn’t play poker. That’s because they have “tells” which are far too broad to be ignored. Here’s one: Whenever they utter the words “a fair and balanced debate,” go all in. It’s a sure bet that what’s coming will be the exact opposite. [In fact, that’s a pretty good tell for the entire network in general.] That’s exactly how Brain Brian Kilmeade set up yesterday’s debate between two Muslims to tear each other apart. Surprise! It was over the very same Catholic University/Muslim Controversy that Fox “News” has been hammering home all week. However, Kilmeade seemed to forget that he’s supposed to—at the very least—pretend to be “fair and balanced” while he’s actually saying the words “fair and balanced.” Instead he telegraphed his (the networks?) bias from the get-go. Watch:

It should be noted, this controversy is a special kind of two-fer for the Foxy Friends: 1). It provides another way to defend The Holy Cross because defending the Christian God from perceived insult is a daily topic that needs filling; 2). It provides another way to bash Muslims. Oddly enough, Muslim bashing is another daily Fox “News” topic that needs to be filled. A story like this is …err… like manna from heaven.

As the segment began, Brian intoned: “Muslim students at Catholic University of America have filed a complaint stating that Christian symbols in their prayer rooms are malice and violate their yooman [sic] rights. So why even go to Catholic School? Why even pick that college? Catholic College? Joining us now for a fair and balanced debate…” There it is! The tell. Notice how Kilmeade just slipped it in after he already told us where he stood. The framing of the debate lacked neutrality and Brian Kilmeade’s moderation as the debate progressed proved, as if more proof were ever needed, he had no intention of being “fair and balanced.”

On one side of the debate was Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who has validated Fox’s anti-Islamic viewpoint in many previous appearances on the so called “news” network. This cage match had him lined up against civil rights attorney, and Muslim, Shayan Elahi, who thinks access to the courts to redress grievances is a civil right. Neither side acquitted themselves well, with Islamophobia, Muslim Supremacy, and ambulance-chasing among the more spectacular accusations tossed back and forth in what was a very heated argument. For the most part Kilmeade just stood back and let the fireworks erupt. However, when he did interject his bias was as apparent as either of his guests.

Jasser gave his opening volley to the debate and ended (at 1:23) with, “…and I’m offended as a Muslim that they’re doing that.” Kilmeade turned to the other guest and actually asked, “Shayan? Are you as equally offended?” What kind of stupid question is that, Brian? You know damned well the only reason Elahi was booked was because he was going to take the opposing point of view. But it gets worse. Far worse.

At 1:56 Jasser tried to interrupt Elahi, who asked to be allowed to finish. Kilmeade interjected with, “Real quick because you can’t be allowed to hog the whole time.” Let’s put this on the clock, shall we? Jasser’s opening statement was 42 seconds long, without interruption. However, 28 seconds into Elahi’s opening statement Jasser tried to interrupt. When Elahi cried foul Brian accused him of hogging all the time. Yeah, that’s “fair and balanced” all right, Brian.

We next hear from Brian at 2:17 when he interrupts Elahi to say, “But you know, I’ll give you an idea—Shayan? Shayan? Just something to keep in mind. When I was looking for school, you have certain things you want. Is it the major there, is there a sport there you want, is it located close or far away from home. If one of those things you want to do is practice the Muslim faith, maybe you don’t want to [Unintelligible word. Is it “pay” or “paint” or just a sound effect that started with a “P” sound? Ten listenings did not make it any clearer.] Catholic School.”

What happened to “fair and balanced,” Brian?

Naturally the guest wanted to reply to something as argumentative as that. He tried to get some words in edgewise, but Brian wouldn’t have it. That’s because he had obviously just been told in his earpiece that the graphic of what the case attorney had to say was about to pop up on the screen. Kilmeade was going to read it no matter what. As Elahi kept trying to counter Brian’s Right Wing Talking Points, Kilmeade finally got him to “stifle” when he said, “Pipe down. Hold on. Hold on, now.” Then after he read the statement, Kilmeade turned to Jasser for comment, as opposed to the person he insulted a minute ago and refused to let speak. More “fair and balanced,” Brian?

The last segment lasted almost 2 minutes, which is an eternity in tee vee time. Jasser began and Elahi gave him some time before he tried to interrupt. Elahi didn’t get as many words in because he’s not as good as filibustering as Jasser, who dominated this free-for-all. They both went at it for a while, tossing personal insults back and forth in the most contentious part of the debate. At about the minute mark into this Brian can be heard sputtering a bit, trying to get a word in. Then clearly, while the argument still rages, he can be heard saying, “I don’t think I’m going to get you guys to agree.” Well, “Duh!”

There was a lot more back and forth where all three of them stepped all over each other’s statements so it was hard to transcribe, but Brian can clearly be heard to say, “Or they could also decide to go somewhere else because they have a right in this country to transfer out.”

However, it’s how the segment ends that proves, one and for all, why the slogan “fair and balanced” is as empty as Kilmeade’s big head:

BK: Maybe you could even change Catholic University, because maybe that name’s offensive.

SE: [angrily trying to interject] And, that’s absurd. That’s absurd. That’s a lie. That’s a lie that you’re spreading.”

BK: Well, maybe that that’s where we’re heading. Okay? If you’re going to Catholic University— [pauses in disgust] It’s incredible.

No, Brian, what’s incredible is how you can blithely dismiss an opposing point of view with such an air of loathing. It’s almost as incredible as your pretense that what you do is “fair and balanced.”